Logs For Pizza Ovens


Popular firewood logs used in Pizza Ovens:



Our hardwood logs are perfect for pizza ovens for many reasons…

pizza-oven-logsMost importantly each log has been cut to a size that fits the majority of pizza ovens (roughly 25cm in length).

If you require larger logs for your oven, you can select your log size using our log size selection service.

We kiln dry our logs to ensure they are below 20% moisture, meaning they burn cleanly with minimal smoke. As our logs have such low moisture content, it makes lighting the fire in your pizza oven easier compared to lighting regular seasoned logs which often contain higher moisture levels. Choosing kiln dried logs for pizza ovens is a more convenient and efficient option.

The wood we use is strictly hardwood, meaning our logs take longer to burn so you can focus on making delicious pizzas (rather than constantly topping up logs).

Not only are our kiln dried logs perfect for pizza ovens, our service is too: 

Forget the days of trucks tipping stacks of logs onto your driveway, requiring you have to relocate them quickly to your wood store – we conveniently package all of our logs securely on a pallet.

We offer two delivery options:

1) Small batches of wrapped, log packages.

2) Large, bulk bag orders.

logs-for-pizza-ovensDid we mention that our firewood is sustainable too? All of our logs are responsibly sourced from British woodland. We do not believe in importing firewood logs from Eastern European countries thousands of miles away.

When you place your order, you will be given the opportunity to book your delivery day.

You can also pay online via your credit or debit card or use your PayPal account when making your purchase.

After placing your order, expect to receive an order confirmation and to be kept up to date throughout the delivery process.

Once you have received your log order, you will also have received a prepaid envelope so that you can free-post the bulk bag back for recycling (please be aware that this service is not available for the small log packages).

Look no further and choose FirewoodFund.co.uk for your pizza oven logs.