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  • Box of 24 natural firelighters

    Flamer Firelighters (Pack of 24)

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    Flamer Firelighters (Pack of 50)

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    KindleFlamer Large Firelighters (Pack of 18)

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    KindleFlamer Large Firelighters (Pack of 50)

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    Flamer Firelighters (Pack of 200)

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Welcome to – Your One-Stop Shop for Premium Firelighters!

Looking to ignite the perfect fire hassle-free? Look no further! At, we’re your go-to destination for top-quality Firelighters made right here in the UK. Say goodbye to the struggle of lighting a fire – with our Firelighters, it only takes 1x firefighter to get your flames roaring in no time!

Why Choose Our Firelighters?

Proudly British-Made: Crafted with care in the United Kingdom, our Firelighters boast superior quality, ensuring an outstanding fire-starting experience every time.

Instant Fire Starter: With just one Wood Firelighter, watch as your fire effortlessly catches alight. No more endless attempts to get that perfect blaze – it’s quick, easy, and efficient!

Odourless Excellence: Say farewell to unwanted chemical smells! Our Flamer Firelighters are odourless, guaranteeing a clean and enjoyable fire-lighting experience without any unpleasant odours lingering around.

Natural Wood Wool: We believe in sustainability and natural goodness. That’s why our Firelighters are crafted from natural wood wool, ensuring an eco-friendly and efficient burn.

Free Delivery Option: Enjoy FREE delivery when purchasing alongside our top-notch kiln-dried logs. When bought alone, a small delivery fee applies, ensuring convenience and affordability.


Ready to Buy Firelighters?

Whether you’re prepping for a cosy night in or an outdoor adventure, our Wax Firelighters are your ticket to hassle-free fire ignition. Buy the best bulk Firelighters today and experience the convenience and excellence that offers!