Our Tree Planting Commitment

We donate towards tree planting in Great Britain for every order placed online

Our visionary company is called FirewoodFund for more than one very good reason. Not only do we provide top class kiln-dried logs, we also believe in putting something back into the environment by donating towards tree planting in Great Britain for every order placed online.  We can do this on a regular basis, guaranteeing that when clients buy from us, everybody wins. Let’s take a closer look at why it’s good to buy from a company who cares about the natural world around both them and their customers.

‘Trees are among the most prominent and critical organisms on Earth, yet we are only recently beginning to comprehend their global extent and distribution’  – Thomas Crowther

It’s not rocket science to understand when we utilise any type of firewood, more trees need to be felled. With no plan B, over time there will be a damaging decrease in woodland. This poses the all-important question, Why do we need trees? Here are the eight main benefits:

1) Trees Reduce Pollution

This is a scientific fact, but the general process isn’t in truth a simple one. What we should remember is, matter trapped in polluted air will settle on the leaves of trees. Various gases, including nitrous dioxide, will be absorbed deep into the leaves’ structure, which almost creates a natural filter and thus reduces pollution levels, albeit at a small levels. But in high quantities, trees, can benefit the environment in this way.

2) Oxygenating the Air

When trees create carbohydrates during photosynthesis, there is excess water from the process. The oxygen contained in this is released by the tree into the air.

3) Refreshing the Atmosphere

Trees take in carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, the chemical reaction that takes place inside a tree to produce food for it to survive. By helping to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, a tree can assist in freshening up the air around it. According to research the terrestrial biosphere, which includes plants, trees and the oceans, removes about 45% of the CO2 emitted by human activities each year. Research has also shown that cleverly, the terrestrial biosphere has responded to the rising global CO2 levels by taking up more CO2 and reducing the rate of growth of global CO2.

4) Reducing Noise Pollution

Planting trees near a noise source will create a helpful barrier to soundwaves, which will be deflected by the leaves. This is why evergreen trees in healthy numbers are a good choice to reduce noise pollution.

5) Trees as Small Ecosystems

Light energy from the sun is the fundamental source of all energy in the environment. As our trees capture this light force and convert it into chemical energy, they are, in effect, developing a vital ecosystem. Trees carrying larger canopies will capture more light and convert more energy. The fact is, human life isn’t possible without trees.

6) Intervening in the Water Cycle

Trees release water vapour back into the atmosphere around us. If this transpiration didn’t take place, forested land could quickly become something of a barren desert, lacking moisture to help maintain local rivers and lakes.

7) Providing a Sustainable Fuel Source

The very fact that we provide the best in kiln-dried logs tells you trees offer a fuel source that can be sustained. Tree also provide all manner of benefits as we can clearly see – this is why we must keep planting new ones to keep stocks high, help the environment and keep us healthy.

8) Trees Protect the Soil

We need to thank our natural friends for reducing the erosion of our soil by guarding it from the impact of rain binding the soil with root systems. This prevents soil becoming waterlogged, which in turn would cause problems in terms of further plant growth.

As you can see, trees are invaluable to us in so many ways. All our kiln-dried logs come from British sustainable forests, so it’s vital we keep them healthy and aid regeneration.

The environment is central to who we are and what we do, and we care very much about this. Whilst our logs are sourced via responsible tree felling, we aim to help ensure our woodland remains heavily stocked. As of June 2019, we made a decision to give back to the Great British environment.