Logs for Wood Burners

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    5x Boxes of Kiln Dried Logs

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    10x Firepit & Pizza Oven Log Bags

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    0.8m3 Bulk Bag of Kiln Dried Logs

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    30x Bags of Kiln Dried Logs

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    1.2m3 Bulk Bag of Kiln Dried Logs

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    1.6m3 Bulk Bag of Kiln Dried Logs

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    50x Bags of Kiln Dried Logs

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    80x Bags of Kiln Dried Logs

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Wood Burner Log Bundles

  • 0.8m3-kiln-dried-logs-bundle

    0.8m3 Firewood Bag Bundle

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  • 30-bag-kiln-dried-firewood-bundle

    30x Bag Firewood Bundle

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  • 1.2m3-kiln-dried-firewood-bundle

    1.2m3 Firewood Bag Bundle

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  • 1.6m3-kiln-dried-firewood-bundle

    1.6m3 Firewood Bag Bundle

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Premium Logs for Wood Burners Delivered Nationwide

Welcome to FirewoodFund.co.uk, your premier destination for top-quality logs for wood burners. We pride ourselves on providing the finest selection of wood burner logs, delivering them right to your doorstep anywhere in the United Kingdom (mainland).

Tailored Log Sizes

Choose from small, medium, and large kiln-dried logs for a personalised wood-burning experience.

Sustainably Sourced Logs

We care about the environment. Our logs are sourced from British, sustainable forests, ensuring eco-friendly heating for your home.

Free Nationwide Delivery (£100 + Orders)

Enjoy free delivery on all orders over £100. We make it easy to keep your wood burner roaring.

Your Schedule, Your Way

Book your preferred delivery day for bulk pallet orders. You’re in control, starting at the cart or checkout.

Safe & Convenient Transactions

Pay securely online using credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Your peace of mind matters to us.

Donating Towards Tree Planting

We’re committed to sustainability. For every order placed, we donate towards tree planting to give back to the environment.

Quality Checked Wood Burner Logs

Before dispatch, our logs undergo rigorous quality control checks, ensuring they contain less than 20% moisture.

Log Burner Wood That’s Kiln Dried to Perfection

Our logs are sourced in Britain and kiln-dried for a minimum of 36 hours, guaranteeing premium quality.

Diverse Hardwood Mix

Our logs are a delightful mixture of hardwoods, including ash, oak, and beech. We prioritise diversity for the sake of sustainability.

Delivery Information for Large Orders

For large bulk orders, we deliver with a large truck complete with a tail lift. Our driver utilises a pallet truck to move the logs upon unloading. Please note that pallet trucks cannot operate on gravel or soft ground; be sure to check our delivery information and infographic to ensure our service is right for you.

Find the Right Logs for Wood Burners and Help Create Sustainable British Woodlands

Take the pain out of hunting for kiln dried logs by easily scheduling log delivery online. Unlike green or seasoned firewood, wood from FirewoodFund is kiln dried for a drier, more efficient wood that burns better whether you are using it in a fireplace, campfire, pizza oven, or range cooker. Plus, all of our wood is sustainably harvested from British woodlands and cut to 25 cm lengths — a size that makes them the perfect fit for 99% of all stoves and ovens. Order today using our easy online order form and enjoy free nationwide delivery of loose fill bulk bags and bag pallets — that is free delivery across our entire product range.  

The Best Wood for Log Burners, No Matter the Occasion

Kiln dried logs from FirewoodFund is the U.K.’s finest firewood. While there are plenty of options available to those who are shopping for logs for wood burners for sale, much of it is unsustainably harvested, improperly cut, and “seasoned” — which means it is not always properly dried and not the perfect fit for your open fire, stove, or fire pit.   At FirewoodFund, all of our wood is sustainably harvested, precision cut, perfectly kiln dried, shipped in days, and delivered nationwide to you for free. These ready-to-burn logs are the perfect choice for fire pits, campfires, stoves, chimineas, and cookers and ovens. Our standard length kiln dried logs will fit in 99% of all wood burning or multi-fuel stoves, with most logs 25 cm long and 5-15 cm in diameter.  Need bigger logs? We also give you the option to choose from 35 cm and 50 cm logs when you order bulk bags.  

Sustainably Sourced from British Woodland

When you buy kiln dried logs from FirewoodFund, you are helping British forests thrive. We sell only sustainable wood responsibly sourced from thinned woodland, with trees individually selected and cut by a tree surgeon with the goal of creating more light and space for surrounding trees to grow and thrive. This sustainable harvesting also promotes biodiversity, creates and enhances wildland habitat, and reduces the effect of competition among desirable trees. Plus, it supports high-quality, good-paying jobs right here in the U.K.   Most wood for sale is typically a mix of Oak, Ash, and Beech, which are the best sources of firewood as they produce a lot of heat, burn clean, and are abundant. Unlike many online retailers, our sustainable logs are quality assured. Why buy kiln dried wood and not “seasoned” wood? Kiln dried wood has a lower moisture content, meaning it burns easier, longer, and hotter, and is less smoky than seasoned wood.  Since kiln dried wood burns more efficiently, you will use less of it, saving you money. On top of that, the kiln drying process destroys residual pesticides, mold, and invasive pests, meaning you are guaranteed to get the best firewood available. When you buy kiln dried wood from the FirewoodFund, you are helping to create a greener, more sustainable, more diverse, and healthier U.K.

Logs for Wood Burners