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We deliver bags of logs to any address in the United Kingdom. Our bags are filled with only 100% British hardwood logs (typically a mix of Ash, Beech and Oak logs). You can book your delivery day when ordering. We even donate towards tree planting in Great Britain for every order placed online.

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Bags of Logs: The Different Types On The Market

We’ve explored the best of kiln-dried log bags

For anyone looking to buy quality kiln-dried logs in bags, there’s a terrific range of options now trending and available from both online and various retail outlets. In fact, if you’ve just acquired a state-of-the-art burner or stove, choosing the fuel can be something of a daunting experience without the correct advice. Everyone has differing needs and knowing how to stock up on logs while getting great value for money is essential for both time saving and convenience. So here’s a special guide to those all-important logs available in firewood bags. There’s sure to be something to meet your requirements perfectly.

From mini nets to midi bags, you’ll be surprised at the options you have at your disposal – let’s break it down into easy to digest information and it won’t be long before you’re an expert on bulk bags of logs.

The choices:

1) 30, 50 or 80 bag pallet – Kiln dried hardwood logs

This package of log bags delivered on a pallet will last you a good while, and they’ll be ready for burning right away. In fact, the bags are easy enough to be carried inside when required individually – much more convenient than a standard 80-bag load. These are standard length kiln-dried logs to fit 99% of wood burning or multi-fuel stoves.

2) Barrow bag of logs

barrow bag of logs

These are sturdy builder type bags that are ideal if you live in a property with restricted access or little storage space. An average volume of logs supplied in this way will probably be around 0.25m3 per bag. What’s more, you can tie shut or even fold back the cover of the bag to keep your logs nice and dry. One bag may cost around £30 to £35.

3) Builders’ bag of logs


These are also known as dumpy bags and are similar to barrow bags – one very strong bag of kiln-dried logs could carry a volume of approximately 0.8m3 per single bag. Filled to the brim, that’s a good stock of logs ready for use. They can come mixed or contain just a single hardwood species. You’ve no worries about limited room for your stock with a builders’ bag.

4) Ton bag of logs

ton bag of logs

It’s important to remember the name refers to a bag normally designed to hold a ton of sand or gravel. Because kiln-dried logs are less dense, and have had a lot of their moisture removed, one of these bags full will actually weigh much less than a ton. So in reality you’ll probably get around 0.7 to 0.8 cubic metres of logs in this type of bag. In fact, there’s not a great deal of difference in this compared to dumpy or bulk bags. In short, you’ll still get a good stock of logs conveniently delivered and not taking up too much space.


It’s important to remember it’s best not to buy logs sold by weight simply because the drying process takes out a great deal of the moisture and, therefore, density. In terms of plastic log bags, most will ensure your logs never get wet, though storing them in a permanently dry place can certainly help.

Truck sacks of logs are completely weather resistant and easy to move with a sack-barrow for further convenience of use. Across the world, the volume measurement used for kiln-dried logs is cubic metres, or m3, for large log bags and associated loads and litres for small bags. One cubic metre is 100cm x 100cm x 100cm. It’s not an exact science however, so you need to compare like for like when doing your research.

5) FirewoodFund

You get a huge bulk bag of logs as tall as a person or, in technical terms, 1.6m3. That’s enough to get you through a tough winter, and once delivered the bag can be stored easily. A smaller 1.2m3 bag is also available. Both offer great value. Bulk buying online from such a highly reputable dealer means you’ll save a lot of money over the longer term compared with the high street. Everything we supply comes from sustainable British woodland, so you know you’re buying real quality, safe for the environment.

So what are the other options?

6) Net log bags

log net bags

Don’t be put off when you see net bags as many are made from either knitted fabric or close woven nets. Not only are they exceedingly strong, they can also stretch to help the efficient packing of the logs or kindling.

7) Midi bags of logs for sale

Midi bags of logs for sale

Perfect for new users with wood-fired stoves, pizza ovens or multi-fuel appliances, you can now get mixed bags of logs including ash and birch hardwoods, in a breathable bag, strong and easy enough for ease of use and access. This could be ideal for a weekend burn.

8) Mini dumpy bags of logs

Mini dumpy log bags

It’s possible to get a solid handled bag that’s 45cm cubed, containing 30 to 35 logs. If you don’t light a fire very often, this could be the delivery for you. They can vary across suppliers of course, but won’t break the bank when it comes to cost, especially if you’re planning to a specific budget.

Where else can I buy firewood logs in small quantities?

Some of our major retailers provide bags of logs – here are just a few to give you an idea of what they may have in stock. These can change on a regular basis however.

Wilko logs – £5


Wilko provide small handy firewood bags full of kiln-dried hardwood for just £5. It burns well and is perfect for open fires, pizza ovens, multi-fuel stoves, cookers, closed appliances and chimeneas. The wood comes from responsibly managed farms and is great value purchased in between a bulk delivery, or used at the end or beginning of a season, or even in an emergency perhaps. A solid buy is the verdict.

B&M firelogs – £1 each

B&M firelog

For those in search of a quick and odourless burn for their open fires, wood stove or chiminea, BM sell a ‘quickflame’ fire log. It’s guaranteed to last for at least a couple of hours and costs just £1 – ideal for emergencies or speedy solutions. They also provide small bags of fuel logs containing real wood. Long-lasting, non-spitting and slow-burning, they’re ideal for pizza ovens. At £3.99 per bag they offer good value too.

Homebase log bags – £7.50

Homebase Fuel Express Kiln Dried Logs

Simple and quick to light with little residue, Homebase provide Fuel Express kiln-dried logs at £6.50 per small bag. They burn at a high temperature and are fine for the environment – when looking to keep a small handy stock, they’re just the job. They also stock Glow Wood hardwood kiln-dried logs at £7.50 per bag; 12 smokeless heat logs in a special pack, suitable for multi-fuel stoves and open fires, at £5.90; Easy Logs at £3.90 per pack; and Extreme Heat smokeless fuel in a 20kg bag for just under £10. There’s a valuable selection here for sure and it’s all quality wood, very safe for the environment.

B&Q log nets – £6.54

B&Q homefire hardwood logs

B&Q sell a product carrying a low impact on the environment as trees are replanted or allowed to regenerate naturally. Their Homefire Hardwood Logs bag contains logs suitable for smokey zones, also burning hotter and longer than softwoods. They’re recommended to really get a fire going, but unfortunately don’t carry very good reviews at £6.54 for a 6.5kg netted bag. They do have a natural aroma though, which is a big plus point.

Wicks log bags – £14

wickes log bags

Homefire Premium Hardwood kiln-dried logs are supplied in strong large bags and burn hotter than seasoned logs. Sourced from worldwide sustained forests, these have a fantastic look, great aroma and are a good choice for multi-fuel stoves and open fires. These logs have been generally well received but they aren’t authorised for smoke control areas. At £14, they represent a solid choice for interim stock. They also have small bags of kindling wood priced at £2.

ASDA log bags – £5

Asda logs

Asda’s Homefire Heat Logs are manufactured from 100% recycled wood, are CO2 neutral, easy to light and have an excellent heat output. They carry a low ash content and minimal flue gas. You can get 10kgs of logs in a sturdy handy sized bag. They also sell Quickstart Firelighter Logs at £1 each and a 1.5kg bag of kindling for £2.44.

eBay log bags & nets – £7.50 > £20


Yes, it’s true – you can even buy kiln-dried logs on eBay and there are many different products advertised, including a Fuel Express kiln-dried logs handy bag. Priced at £11.49, they burn slowly and efficiently, carrying decent reviews all round. They are also very easy to ignite.

Amazon log bags – £7 > £20


A valued product on Amazon is a 30-litre net bag of Ash kiln-dried hardwood logs – 18% Moisture. These are recommended for log burners, wood-burning stoves, open fires and pizza ovens.

The Upshot

Many other retail outlets are available of course, so never be afraid to shop around for the very best deals. It’s the little details that can make all the difference when it comes to your much-loved multi-fuel stove or chiminea, so getting it right is invaluable.

Totally in the Bag

As you can see, when it comes to bags of logs for sale, there are lots of options available whether it be online or at a retail park, high street or even a garage. With so many choices you need to know what’s best for your needs, so take a thorough look around but ensure you’re buying wood from British sustainable woodland with at least 20% of the moisture taken out during the kiln drying process.

A reputable supplier will give you top advice, and that includes FirewoodFund – so why not turn your kiln-dried logs or firewood search into an exciting experience. After all, when you get the results you’ve been looking for and achieve a wonderful cosy burn, all the effort will have been worthwhile.