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Kindling & Firelighters 

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Unleash the Warmth: The Ultimate Firewood Destination

Looking to enhance your home with the comforting crackle of a real wood fire? Your quest for premium firewood ends here at FirewoodFund, the UK’s premier destination for quality, sustainably sourced firewood. Let’s ignite the passion for your cosy fire and discover why we’re your top choice.

Only the Best of British Firewood Delivered

When it comes to firewood, we believe in supporting our own. At, we exclusively source our firewood from British woodland. With us, you can be confident that you’re making an eco-conscious choice. A majority of other online firewood suppliers import their logs from Eastern Europe.


Unleash the Benefits:

Fuel Your Fire with Free Delivery (Firewood Orders Over £100)

Free delivery is just the beginning. We’re thrilled to offer complimentary delivery on all orders over £100. Whether you’re stocking up for the season or simply need a top-up, we’ve got your back, all the way to your home.

Book Your Firewood Delivery Day (Pallet Deliveries Only)

We believe convenience should be at your fingertips. For bulk pallet deliveries, you have the power to choose your delivery date at the cart or checkout when ordering firewood online. No more waiting around – it’s firewood on your terms.

Donating Towards Tree Planting

At, we’re not just about keeping you warm; we’re about making the world a greener place. For every order placed online, we make a donation towards tree planting. Be a part of the change – with every firewood order, you help grow a more tree.

Quality Assurance Every Time

We understand the importance of quality, which is why our firewood logs go through rigorous quality control checks before being dispatched. With less than 20% moisture content, you’re guaranteed a roaring, efficient fire every time.

Logs Sourced, Spit & Dried in Britain

Our British firewood logs are sourced right here in the UK and are kiln dried for a minimum of 36 hours. This meticulous process ensures your firewood logs are ready to burn, producing a toasty, satisfying warmth.

Diverse Mix of Hardwoods for Sustainability

Our firewood is a thoughtful mix of hardwoods, typically including ash, oak, and beech. We do this to ensure available hardwood is utilised and woodland is not unnecessary cut down for the species.

Firewood Logs for a Perfect Fit

Not all fires are created equal. At FirewoodFund, we understand that, which is why we offer a selection of log sizes – small, medium, and large kiln-dried logs to suit your needs.

Select your firewood log size here.

Bulk Firewood Bags: The Ultimate Winter Companion

If you’re preparing for the winter, our bulk bags have your back. Ranging from 0.8m3 (equivalent to 29 small bags) to 1.6m3 (equivalent to 58 small bags), they offer the best bang for your buck. And guess what? You can return the bulk bag for recycling/reuse, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Pallets of Small Log Bags

Need firewood that’s easy to carry? Our pallets of small log bags come in quantities of 30, 50, and 80. Perfect for open fires, you can grab what you need without any hassle.

Important Delivery Information for Large Bulk Pallet Orders

For larger bulk orders, we deliver with a large truck complete with a tail lift. Our experienced driver uses a pallet truck to move the logs once they’re unloaded. Please note, pallet trucks don’t operate on gravel or soft ground, so do check our delivery information and infographic to ensure a seamless experience.

Ready to transform your home with the warmth and charm of a real wood fire? Choose for premium British firewood that’s sustainable, convenient, and guaranteed to make your fires burn brighter. Get started today!

Warming the Heart

There’s nothing quite so magical as the smell and feel of a warm roaring fire in atmospheric surroundings. This is why we’re so passionate about what we do and about offering the best products at the best prices. From open fires to ovens or burners, there’s nothing we don’t know about creating the perfect safe and reassuring burn with the help of the very best sustainable kiln-dried firewood logs produced from British hardwood.

Suitable for a variety of uses

Each and every log at is carefully kiln dried to produce ‘ready to burn’ British logs of supreme quality for our many returning customers. Supporting a number of firewood types, our logs are suitable for a variety of uses and situations including:

  • Fire pits
  • Camp fires
  • Wood and multi-fuel stoves
  • Chimineas
  • Range cookers
  • Pizza ovens

Energy in a Bag

Every bag from your firewood suppliers carries a mixture of high energy oak, ash and beech firewood logs delivered with love, sustainably sourced in Britain from a natural thinning process. In truth, kiln-dried firewood doesn’t get any better than this, and we can dispatch our firewood logs efficiently with free delivery to any UK address. All this also helps to support UK trade and produce so everyone benefits, including both the environment and our woodland with the risk of disease significantly reduced. Using homegrown wood also prevents a bigger carbon footprint emerging.

We have Ignition

Natural firelighters and kindling are also a vital part of the process, which is why we make available some excellent accessory products, completely home produced to aid your fire burning skills all year round. We use the kindling process to facilitate an initial ‘easy to light and burn’ core of a fire. Once this has been established the kindling will help your logs to ignite.

What’s Best for Cooking and Heating?

It’s a fact that oak and beech provide a long-lasting burn for heating, whereas ash can generally produce short bursts of heat. Kiln-dried logs are ideal for cooking purposes as there’s much less moisture in the wood. In short, the material we provide is superb for both purposes. And the dryer the better.

Renewable Resources

Demand for this type of fuel can outrun its ability to regenerate, which is why good forestry practices and well-designed vessels for using it can improve local wood supplies. By using British sustained wood, we ensure a perfect balance is created.

Going for the Burn

The type of wood you use for burning can offer various quality, heating and burning characteristics. Our combination of oak, ash and beech is perfect for producing an effective and powerful clean burn. In fact, all three of these denser harder woods are in the top table of firewood properties. One basket of kiln-dried logs can last as long as two baskets of seasoned logs.

Sharing the Love

If it’s firewood and logs you seek, is the place to come for the best in kiln-dried logs. Remember, our sustainably sourced logs have been kiln dried to reduce moisture. This offers a greater output of heat, meaning you need to use less logs. We also keep firewood prices low with a 0.8m3 bulk bag of kiln-dried hardwood logs. This really does present great value, and you can choose the perfect time for your firewood delivery.

Taking Stock

So why not plan ahead and stock up on the finest kiln-dried logs money can buy, from a company who cares?