1.6m3 Bulk Bag of Kiln Dried Logs


Price inc VAT | Free UK mainland delivery (bookable) | Equivalent to 58 small bags of logs | Compliant with UK Government regulation

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Sustainable kiln dried logs

Our sustainably sourced logs have been kiln dried to reduce moisture. Less moisture means more heat output, a cleaner burn and ultimately means you need fewer logs.

A 1.6m3 bag is equivalent to 58 small bags or nets of logs. These premier ‘ready to burn’ logs are ideal for stoves, open fires, firepits and pizza ovens. They’re also suitable for DEFRA approved stoves that can be used in a smoke control area.

1.6m3 bulk bag of logs delivered

This is the most popular size for home delivery. This bulk bag is securely strapped to the pallet for safe delivery. We recommend that kiln dried logs are not stored in the bag, but stacked into a log store or garage. For this size of bag we would recommend 6 boxes of kindling and 2 boxes of 50 Flamers.

What’s in the bag?

British kiln dried hardwood logs for immediate burning on all wood burning appliances. Standard length kiln dried logs that will fit 99% of wood burning or multi-fuel stoves. Log length = 25cm logs (9.8 inches). Tolerance on length is +/- 10%. Log diameter = 5 -15cm (2 – 6 inches) measured across widest point of the log. Tolerance on diameter is +/- 10%.


Kiln dried logs





Our bags contain a mixture of British hardwood sourced from a responsible woodland thinning process. The species of wood that we typically source includes Ash, Beech and Oak. We do not target specific wood species for the purpose of sustainability. All logs have to pass a quality control check before being dispatched for delivery.

Why choose kiln dried hardwood logs?

Kiln dried logs provide superior heat levels thanks to the kiln drying process which quickly removes most of the water saturation from the wood. This results in our logs having a less than 20% moisture content, making them perfect for burning in stoves or open fires. 

The biggest advantage of kiln dried hardwood is that the logs are consistent in their quality, heat output and moisture content because of the kiln drying process. When logs are put into a kiln for a set time, at a specific temperature, it will ensure moisture levels are always below 20%. Seasoned logs, on the other hand, can often produce less heat because their moisture levels can be inconsistent due to their lengthy and uncontrolled drying process. 

Using kiln dried logs as fuel for your stove can also help to keep the glass clear and stop tar and soot building up in your flue or chimney as quickly. This is because of the higher heat output and reduced vapour when burning from our kiln dried logs.

The size of logs is also important for optimum burning. Most stove manufacturers recommend logs that are 25cm long and are no bigger than 15cm in diameter. We therefore ensure all the logs we supply meet this criteria as standard (unless you select a larger log size when purchasing). Logs that are 25cm in length and 5-15cm diameter will fit 99% of multi fuel/wood burning stoves. 

We’ve answered some of the frequently asked questions concerning kiln dried logs on our FAQs page.

Delivery & payment

You can book your delivery day. Free delivery will take place between 9-6pm on your selected weekday date, unless you select a Saturday delivery day. Delivery options:

  • Open booking log delivery (9-6pm/Mon-Fri) – Free delivery. 
  • Saturday delivery is available for an extra £45 fee.

No need to be at your address to accept delivery (provided logs can be left safe on private property). Full delivery information. 

Money back guarantee and all queries responded to within 12 hours. Full terms and conditions. 


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Frequently asked questions

Please see our frequently asked questions below:

Delivery & service FAQs.

FAQs about our logs.

How to recycle or dispose of an old pallet.

Kiln dried vs seasoned logs

Best Firewood To Burn Chart

Quantity guidance

All stoves and open fires are different, however we’ve put together some estimations for different use-types:

For occasional use, you’ll most likely need either the 30 bag pallet or the 0.8m3 bulk bag. The bulk bag is equivalent to 29 small bags or nets of logs.

For moderate use (2-3 fires per week), either the 50 bag pallet or the 1.2m3 bulk bag will most likely suit your needs. The bulk bag is equivalent to 43 small bags or nets of logs.

For regular use (fires most nights per week), we recommend buying either the 80 bag pallet or 1.6m3 bulk bag. The bulk bag is equivalent to 58 small bags or nets of logs.

Generally the more logs you buy the better value for money your purchase is.


Bag Size: 1.6m3.
Origin: British.
Bag Size: 1.6m3 (loose fill) – Contains the equivalent of approx. 58 small bags of kiln dried firewood.
Log Length: 25cm logs (9.8 inches). Tolerance on length is +/- 10%.
Log Diameter: 5 -15cm (2 – 6 inches) measured across widest point of log. Tolerance on diameter is +/- 10%.
Moisture: Content Average 20%.
Brash Content: Max 5% per bulk bag (brash constitutes bark and smaller pieces).

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