KindleFlamer Large Firelighters (Pack of 18)


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  • All-natural, eco-friendly firelighters made in the UK
  • Completely odourless – No awful kerosene smell!
  • Extra-long burn time + Super easy to light
  • You only need one to light a fire – No kindling required!

Are you looking for an eco – friendly, cost efficient way to light your fire?

With a much longer burn time than your standard firelighter, KindleFlamers all-natural firelighters are the newest, most effective way to light your fire yet.

Made of all natural wood shavings, KindleFlamers firelighters are great for stoves, barbecues, and fires alike – especially as you only need ONE KindleFlamers firelighter, along with some kiln dried logs, to light the perfect fire – absolutely NO kindling required!

In fact, KindleFlamers firelighters are approximately 17cm long and ignite a much larger area of charcoal than your regular firelighters and remove the need for newspaper, lighter fluid, and paraffin firelighters entirely.

For example, for charcoal barbecues, instead of requiring two to three regular firelighters to light the charcoal, you only need ONE KindleFlamers firelighter – making hosting the perfect barbecue easier than ever before.

Better yet, because KindleFlamers firelighters are ALL natural, they don’t have any harmful chemicals and are entirely odourless. So, not only are you saving your guests from half-cooked sausages, but also from that awful kerosene smell we know and detest only too well!

So, if you love keeping warm on freezing winter nights or cooking the tastiest grilled meats on your street, KindleFlamers innovative new firelighters are your new solution.

Made and produced entirely in the UK, KindleFlamers firelighters were originally invented by George Snell in an old cowshed on a lovely farm near the Welsh borders, after he experimented with the idea of trying a longer flamer to see if it created a greater heat source, which it certainly did!

Indeed, KindleFlamers firelighters are truly revolutionary firelighters that are now patent pending, and can make your life easier, cosier, and hotter than ever before! All you need is ONE KindleFlamers firelighter (no kindling or lighter fluid required!) and you are one flame away from your best fire yet.

Simply order a packet of KindleFlamers Large Firelighters today and get FREE DELIVERY when you buy alongside your regular bulk order of firewood. Here at FirewoodFund, we will even recommend how many packets of flamers you need based on your order AND donate money towards tree planting in Great Britain for every order you make!

Simply add KindleFlamers Large Firelighters to your order today and look forward to cosy evenings at home, cuddled up by your fireplace, or sunny afternoons spent flipping burgers and hanging out with your friends and family.

If you are still not sure which is the right eco firelighter for you or have any burning questions about firelighters, our firewood logs, or if you want to know more about how our log delivery service works, please contact us.

Indeed, when it comes to buying Firewood online, we’re here to help and aim to respond to all queries within twelve hours.

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Delivery & Payment

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