Box of Kindling


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  • Clean and easy to store
  • Less than 12% Moisture content
  • Only six sticks required to light a fire

Pack Size: 34cm (L) x 16.5cm (W) x 19cm (H)

Boxes of Kindling – Your Ideal Fire Starter!

Lighting a fire has never been easier or more eco-friendly! Our Kiln Dried Kindling Boxes are the perfect companion for all your fire-lighting needs. Sourced from sustainable woodlands, these kindling sticks are not just good for your fireplace; they’re kind to the planet too!

Why Choose Our Kindling Boxes?

  1. Kiln Dried to Perfection: We ensure each piece of kindling is kiln dried, reaching a moisture content below 20%. This means you get a quicker, more efficient burn every time, reducing smoke and soot. Say goodbye to fiddly fire-starting and hello to hassle-free warmth!
  2. Sustainable & Eco-Friendly: We love our planet as much as you do! That’s why our kindling comes from responsibly managed woodlands. By choosing our product, you’re not just lighting a fire; you’re supporting environmental stewardship.
  3. Perfectly Sized for Convenience: Each box is packed with slim, uniform pieces of kindling, ideal for all types of fires, whether it’s your wood burner, fireplace, or even a campfire. Their consistent size ensures easy stacking and ignition.
  4. Safe & Easy to Use: Our kindling is natural and untreated, making it safe for cooking over – perfect for those campfire nights! Plus, with no chemicals, you’re assured a natural burn.
  5. Ready to Burn: Delivered in sturdy, easy-to-handle boxes, our kindling is ready to use straight away. No prep needed, just light and enjoy!

Embrace the joy of a real wood fire. Whether you’re looking for the perfect start to a cosy evening indoors or gearing up for outdoor adventures, our Kiln Dried Kindling Boxes are your go-to choice. Order now and experience the warmth, convenience, and eco-friendly fire starting that only we can provide!

Order your boxes of kindling with your bulk order of firewood logs and get free delivery. They’re compact, which means they’re easy to stack and store. You’ll find our recommendations for how many boxes of kindling you’ll need for each volume of kiln dried logs on our product pages.

Delivery & Payment

Boxes are added to the top of pallets and delivery is free if ordered with your bulk orders of firewood, but there will be a small delivery charge if ordered on their own and delivery will then be via a courier in which case they will be delivered within 2-3 working days.

‘Monday > Friday’ delivery available (free for orders over £130).

Saturday delivery available (additional £30). 9-5pm delivery time frame.

Delivery time slots not available.

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Quantity Guide


Origin: British

Pack Volume: 0.01m3 (stacked volume Av 112 sticks per box).

Pack Size: 34cm (L) x 16.5cm (W) x 19cm (H)

Box Size: 33cm x 15.5cm x 20cm high

Stick Length: 15cm (6″) Tolerance on length is +/- 5%
Moisture Content: <12%