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The last thing you want in life is a financial burden…especially an unexpected one – so, a sudden impulse firewood buy is really something that you could do without. 

Here at ‘Firewood Fund’ we’ve well and truly set out to make your life a lot easier…We let you save up for your premium log supply in easy, manageable chunks.

Read on to make your life easier and spread the cost of the load with our Firewood Subscription Service.

How it works?

1. Save from as little as £10 per month into your very own Firewood Fund.Firewood-Piggy-Bank2. When you’re ready for a bulk Kiln Dried Logs delivery, email us or complete our online order form.Subscription-Firewood-Log-Savings3. We invoice you for any difference owed, once paid we will organise your Bulk Firewood delivery.


Order what you want, when you want. There are no tie ins or membership fees. You can ask for your money back anytime.

Sounds simple?

Well…it really is, and there are genuinely no ‘tricks or traps’ to it at all. Think about it this way…you pay monthly for your other utilities and consumables, so why not your Firewood?

In fact, you could say it’s our burning passion to make things as easy as possible for you.

Sit back, relax… and let the ‘wood’ times roll…We’re basically a Kiln Dried Log-loving brainchild of a piggy bank and a calendar…


 The benefits:

√ Free delivery.

√ Supports the British Logging industry.

√ Dedicated customer service Lumberjack to help with any queries.

What do our customers say?

The best logs I've had. These Kiln Dried Logs lasted much longer than logs I've bought elsewhere. Very pleased.
Matt Clarke
13:29 27 Nov 16
Great company. Wood perfect for wood burning stove - properly seasoned and dried and nice sizes. Nice to know it is UK wood too. Very friendly company, helpful but still professional standards of large company. Would highly recommend.
Shelly 'Nana'
16:39 21 Feb 17
First class service! So glad to have found this company. Would definitely recommend. Thanks!
12:01 21 Feb 17
These are the best quality logs I have had. Brilliant customer service and fast delivery. I would highly recommend and will be using again.
Claire Kingwell
12:31 27 Jan 17
Fantastic service! What a great way to save up for quality firewood and get it delivered to your doorstep with zero hassle. Five stars from me, would definitely recommend.
Rebecca Drissi
21:52 18 Jan 17
Excellent idea, spreading the cost has been so easy, the delivery was neat and timely plus the wood is top quality and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
Amy Moore
20:01 19 Jan 17
Great service, delivery and price. Will use again for sure.
Toby & Dom
13:43 05 Dec 17

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Subscription service not for you you? …

Well you can one time purchase Kiln Dried Logs too.

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