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FirewoodFund Membership

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√  No sign up fee.

√  No contract / can get your money back at any time.

√   Sign up fast – payments can be made with Amazon Pay, PayPal or your Credit/Debit Card.

How the service works?

  1. Decide on the amount you’d like to save into your very own Firewood Fund.
  2. When you are ready for a bulk Firewood delivery, email us or complete the online order form.
  3. We will invoice for any remaining balance owed, then organise your delivery.
  4. You receive premium Kiln Dried Logs.

Service standards: 

  • All requests responded to within 24 hours.
  • 1 week lead time for a delivery.

Subscription terms and conditions apply.

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Amount to save towards Logs

£10 per calendar month, £20 per calendar month, £30 per calendar month, £40 per calendar month, £50 per calendar month,