Flamer Firelighters (Pack of 24)


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Flamer Firelighters – Handy Pack of 24

Meet our Flamer Firelighters, now in a super convenient pack of 24! This pack is just perfect for those who cherish the glow of a fire but prefer a compact, easy-to-store option. Ideal for intimate gatherings by the log burning stove, backyard barbecues or for those special nights under the stars, these firelighters are your little secret to a big, cheerful flame.

Why Choose Flamers? 

  • Instant Fire-Starting: With just a single match, these wax firelighters spring to life, making fire-starting a breeze.
  • Reliable Burn: Each natural eco wood firelighter provides a consistent and robust flame, ensuring your fire gets going quickly and stays lit.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Made with environmentally responsible materials, they’re a friend to nature.
  • No Unwanted Odours: Our eco friendly firelighters are odourless, ensuring they don’t interfere with the natural ambiance or the taste of your grilled delights.
  • Perfectly Sized Pack: The 24-pack is ideal for those who use wood firelighters occasionally, ensuring you always have enough on hand without cluttering your space.

Can Be Used For:

  • Quick BBQ Sessions
  • Evenings Around the Log Burning Stove
  • Small Camping Trips
  • Outdoor Fire Bowls
  • Survival or Emergency Kits

Why Pick Our Pack of 24 Flamer Firelighters?

This pack size is a wonderful choice for those who enjoy the occasional fire but don’t need a large supply. It’s also great for gifting to friends and family who might appreciate a convenient, easy-to-use wood wool firelighting solution.

Add a Spark of Simplicity to Your Fire-Making Ritual with Flamer Firelighters!

Flamers are particularly popular because they are natural, odourless, easy to light and have a long burn. Get free delivery when you buy alongside your bulk order of firewood logs and we’ll recommend how many flamer eco firelighters you need based on your order.

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