4 Blade Small Stove Fan


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This stove top fan can increase a stove’s efficiency by up to 33%. For maximum efficiency we recommend using kiln dried logs as a fuel.


Height: 12.5cm (4.72 inches)
Width: 10cm (3.94 inches)

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Introducing the 4 blade mini heat powered stove fan, the smallest fan in our range, designed for maximum performance in a compact size. Standing at just 12.5cm in height and 10cm in width, this sleek and slender stove fan is ideal for all rooms, particularly those with smaller apertures. Despite its small stature, the 4 blade small stove fan is a standout among stove fans available on the market.

Our 4 blade small stove top fan features variable fan speeds that automatically adjust with the temperature of the stove, ensuring optimal performance and comfort.

But what exactly is a 4 Blade Small Stove Top Fan?

These fans are specifically designed to distribute warm air generated by gas or wood burning stoves across the room. Equipped with a peltier module that serves as a generator, it powers the fan’s discreet motor. Our stove fans rely solely on the heat from the stove, making them completely self-powered. By utilising a stove fan, you’ll experience lower fuel costs and reduced emissions. The fan springs into action once the surface temperature reaches 50°C, making it suitable for both gas and wood burning stoves. Utilising a stove fan is the most efficient and economical way to effectively circulate warm air. Furthermore, it requires no batteries, enabling its use even in areas without electricity.

Safety is our priority, which is why the fan’s base is equipped with a safety strip. This strip gently lifts the base of the stove top fan to prevent overheating and motor damage, automatically lowering it when the stove cools down to the maximum operating temperature. For optimal performance and safety, please ensure the fan is placed on top of the stove, away from the flue pipe, with a minimum distance of 4 inches.

Product specification:

  • Maximum RPM: 2200 (Average 1732 RPM)
  • Height: 125mm, Width: 110mm
  • Optimum burn (300°C) ft/min (CFM): 350
  • Increases stove efficiency by up to 33%
  • Efficiently circulates warm air over large areas
  • Fully heat powered, requiring no external power source
  • Low starting temperature of 50°C
  • Fan speed automatically adjusts with temperature
  • Operates quietly
  • Constructed with anodised aluminium for durability and aesthetic appeal