0.8m3 Bulk Bag of Large Logs (Length: 35cm/13.8inches)


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Large 35 cm Logs

Our 35 cm kiln-dried hardwood logs are obtained from an environmentally conscious source. The reduction in moisture achieved through the kiln-drying process means greater heat output, a slower burn and fewer logs are used.

Each 0.8m3 bag is comparable to 24 of our small bags of logs. And these premium, ‘ready to burn’ logs make excellent fuel for stoves, including those DEFRA-approved stoves suitable for use in a smoke controlled area. They also work well on open fires, in fire pits and in indoor or outdoor pizza ovens.

Bulk Bag British Kiln-Dried Log Delivery

Our bulk-sized hardwood log bags are securely transported on pallets to ensure safe delivery. Then, on receipt, we recommend kiln-dried logs are stacked into a log store or garage, rather than left in the bags. Three boxes of kiln-dried kindling and 24 Flamers natural firelighters will tend to be sufficient to accompany this size of bulk firewood delivery.

What’s In The Bag?

These larger in length, 100% British kiln-dried hardwood logs measure 35 cm (13.8 inches). The diameter of each log is between 8 and 20 cm (4-8 inches). Tolerance on and length is diameter is +/- 10%.

Each bag contains a blend of 100% British hardwood, typically including Ash, Beech and Oak. Our logs are sourced responsibly utilising a woodland thinning process, and no single species of wood is targeted, to enhance woodland sustainability. Also, all logs are audited for quality control prior to being dispatched.


Kiln dried logs

How Do Kiln-Dried Logs Compare To Seasoned Logs?

The kiln-drying process that our logs go through reduces sufficient moisture (-20%), so kiln-dried wood logs can burn hotter than their non-kiln-dried equivalents. This makes them the perfect firewood for wood-burning stoves or open fires.

The quality of kiln-dried hardwood is consistent, whereas seasoned logs often produce less heat due to inconsistent moisture levels. Fuelling your wood-burning appliances with kiln-dried logs can also minimise the speed at which tar and soot build up in your flue or chimney, keeping any glass panels clear for longer.

We’ve answered some of the top questions about buying kiln-dried hardwood logs on our FAQ page.

Delivery & payment

You can book your delivery day. Free delivery will take place between 9-6pm on your selected weekday date, unless you select a Saturday delivery day. Delivery options:

  • Open booking log delivery (9-6pm/Mon-Fri) – Free delivery. 
  • Saturday delivery is available for an extra £45 fee.

No need to be at your address to accept delivery (provided logs can be left safe on private property). Full delivery information. 

Money back guarantee and all queries responded to within 12 hours. Full terms and conditions. 


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Frequently asked questions

Please see our frequently asked questions below:

Delivery & service FAQs.

FAQs about our logs.

How to recycle or dispose of an old pallet.

Kiln dried vs seasoned logs

Best Firewood To Burn Chart

Quantity guidance

All stoves and open fires are different, however we’ve put together some estimations for different use-types:

For occasional use, you’ll most likely need either the 30 bag pallet or the 0.8m3 bulk bag.

For moderate use (2-3 fires per week), either the 50 bag pallet or the 1.2m3 bulk bag will most likely suit your needs.

For regular use (fires most nights per week), we recommend buying either the 80 bag pallet or 1.6m3 bulk bag.

Generally the more logs you buy the better value for money your purchase is.


Bag Size: 0.8m3.
Log Length: 35cm logs (13.8 inches). Tolerance on length is +/- 10%.
Log Diameter: 8-20cm (4-8″) measured across widest point of the log. Tolerance on diameter is +/- 10%.
Origin: British.
Pack Size: 0.8m3 (loose fill).
Moisture Content: Average 20% (much lower moisture than most seasoned logs.
Brash Content: Max 5% per bulk bag (brash constitutes bark and smaller pieces).

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