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British Kiln Dried Logs, Delivered Right to Your Home

At FirewoodFund.co.uk, we are passionate about providing you with top-quality, kiln-dried logs for your home heating needs. With our focus on conveniently delivering logs across the United Kingdom, you can trust us to bring warmth and comfort straight to your home.

Sustainably Sourced, Eco-Conscious Choice

We proudly offer only British sustainable sourced firewood. Our commitment to the environment means each log you burn is eco-friendly, supporting local woodlands and biodiversity. Choose FirewoodFund.co.uk for a greener, cleaner burn.

Hassle-Free, Flexible Delivery Options

Book your delivery day for bulk pallet orders and enjoy the convenience of selecting your preferred delivery date at the cart or checkout. It’s our way of making sure your logs arrive when you need them, without any fuss.

Secure Payment, Peace of Mind

Pay securely online with options including credit card, debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. We ensure every transaction is safe and secure, giving you peace of mind while shopping.

Our Pledge to Nature

For every order placed online, we donate towards tree planting initiatives. By choosing us, you’re not just heating your home; you’re helping to replenish woodland.

Quality Assured, Every Time

Our logs undergo strict quality control checks before dispatch, ensuring less than 20% moisture content. This means more efficient burning for you and less impact on the environment.

Authentically British, Exceptionally Dried

Sourced from Britain and kiln-dried typically for over 36 hours, our logs offer unparalleled quality. We take pride in using local resources to bring you the best in home heating.

Diverse Range, Personalised Choice

Our logs come in a variety of hardwoods – ash, oak, and beech – selected for sustainability, not specific species. Plus, choose from small, medium, or large sizes to suit your individual needs.

Value and Convenience

Choose from bulk bags ranging from 0.8m³ (equivalent to 29 small bags) to 1.6m³ (58 small bags) – perfect for stocking up for winter. Our bulk bags offer exceptional value and can be returned for recycling or reuse.

Individual Bags, Easy Access

Opt for pallets of small log bags in quantities of 30, 50, or 80. Ideal for carrying into your home as needed, they’re perfect for open fires and convenient storage.

Tailored Delivery for Bulk Orders

For large bulk orders, our logs are delivered on a truck complete with a tail lift. The driver uses a pallet truck for easy offloading. Please note: Pallet trucks don’t operate on gravel or soft ground. Check our delivery information and infographic to ensure seamless service.

Free Delivery on Major Orders

We offer free delivery on all orders over £100. Stock up on quality firewood and save on delivery costs, only at FirewoodFund.co.uk.

The Right Log Delivery For Your Needs

There’s more to a log delivery than meets the eye in so many different ways. In fact, it can save money long term, keep your stocks at an efficient level and make busy lives so much easier. You may be a long term user quite happy with buying your logs at supermarkets or service stations – even on the high street. Or perhaps you’ve just purchased a wood burning stove, and starting to plan ahead. So why might you be better off getting logs delivered? Well let’s take a closer look at both the benefits and disadvantages of the methods used in bulk log delivery.

Breaking It Down

A log delivery can actually present itself in three main forms, loose load local delivery, pallet crate delivery from a nationwide supplier and bulk bags on a crate, again, from a national supplier. There are also new trends starting to feature, and it seems certain they’ll remain popular with modern log buyers. It also means you don’t have to keep remembering to buy them elsewhere at regular intervals. From the convenience point of view, One good delivery can see you right over the winter or even summer months. It’s true to say this could prevent false economy buying, saving you heaps of cash over the year. And you’ll more than likely stay with your provider, once you’ve experienced the service.

So lets break everything down into the different firewood delivery types:

1) Loose Load

Most suppliers will deliver up to one cubic metre of loose kiln dried logs at a time of your choosing through the use of a compact tipper truck. So far so good – its an efficient and quick way of acquiring extra stock in a short space of time. What you need to remember however, is the truck will then tip it’s load, as close to where you would like to store the logs. This method is ideal if you have plenty of space, or have the time and inclination to move the logs into a more secure area, though you could find a pile of logs in front of your garage, so it pays to think ahead. And you’ll also receive British wood from sustained forests, as well as having the opportunity of supporting your local merchant, perhaps long into the future. The downside is you’ll more than likely have to pay on delivery, which could become a hassle. And of course tipping logs will certainly leave you with a little cleaning up to do, so bear that in mind.

2) Pallet Crate

The good old Pallet has been one of our greatest inventions, simple but brilliant, making life so much more comfortable when it comes to deliveries of all shapes and sizes. In terms of the very best kiln dried logs, this means receiving your logs in a well made sturdy pallet crate – for example, in place of two or three dumpy bags. The good thing is you have ready-made storage, and you can get quite a number of logs into one crate.

Once more British wood will be the order of the day, and the logs will be of a high quality. National suppliers can help you here, so you can deal with a business carrying an excellent reputation with the finest quality being key.

Most pallet crates however, are imported from Eastern Europe and you may be left with a little mess to clean up further down the line. So be aware of this when you place the order.

It’s important to note due to the size of the crate, good access is essential ideally across a hard, smooth surface to avoid leaving the crate on a nearby kerb. If you have a gravel driveway, this will certainly cause problems. The driver will more than likely require access to a pallet lift, so again, plenty of space is required. And naturally, it will take a little more time, depending on where you live, to complete the delivery.

3) Bulk Bag On A Pallet

We’ve already discovered there’s an interesting choice of options available, and it all depends on the layout of your property and personal preference. In terms of national suppliers, it’s also possible to receive your log delivery in well made bulk bags. With this method you’ll be helping British woodlands thrive, and with the environment in mind there’ll be less waste as the bags can actually be recycled.

Our friend the pallet still comes into play, as they’ll be delivered stacked in a loose form on pallets lowered from the truck. The good news is at some locations it’s easier to have the crane lift a bag or two over a fence or nearby wall, to make things more convenient. And remember – if you have sizeable vehicles in compact areas, bags won’t get in the way.

Bulk Bag Log Delivery

Gateway To Success

Given certain sizes of bags, it’s possible to actually get them through a gate, but always be certain of the dimensions to avoid any problems. There is of course, little or no effort required from the customer. So anyone can just relax and let the professionals get on with delivering your precious stock of the finest kiln dried logs.

As we’ve previously mentioned, gravel drives are a problem, so you must take this into account before ordering from any supplier. It’s worth noting pallets can be re-used, and some providers may even collect without charge, so in this sense you’ve nothing to lose.

Because your kiln dried logs are bagged, they’ll remain fully sealed, so if they’re left outside you’ve no fear of the rain or damp getting in. Most companies provide first class bags, so you’ve no worries on that score.

4) Trending Mixed Packages

More and more providers are creating what they call, ‘mixed packages’, involving a combination of kiln dried logs, kindling, matches and fire-lighters, and even smokeless fuel in some cases. So you can take delivery of everything you need for a perfect burn to meet your needs. It’s a great trending idea as the logs will come netted, with all items placed on a strong pallet, so this really is a win, win situation. Once more it’s essential to have a flat-smoothish area so the pallet can be offloaded comfortably and in complete safety.

Remembering British Wood Is Best

You’re ensuring you get quality British wood from sustainable woodland, and what you’re doing is kind to the environment. And if you’ve recently purchased that very special and carefully researched wood burner, taking delivery of your fist batch of bulk kiln dried logs can be an exciting moment. Once you become used to its use you’ll fall in love with kiln dried logs for sure.


Delivering A Positive Verdict

When it comes to ordering kiln dried logs in bulk, the bottom line is they are relatively easy to transport. And did you know? Once the drying out process is completed, the firewood will have lost up to half its weight, making it even simpler to move around. And don’t forget of course, re-stocking in a larger quantity can save you money set against the smaller lower quality packages you can buy out and about.

Our Log Delivery Locations:



  • City of Aberdeen
  • Aberdeenshire
  • Angus (Forfarshire)
  • Argyll
  • Ayrshire
  • Banffshire
  • Berwickshire
  • Bute
  • Caithness
  • Clackmannanshire
  • Cromartyshire
  • Dumfriesshire
  • Dunbartonshire (Dumbarton)
  • City of Dundee
  • East Lothian (Haddingtonshire)
  • City of Edinburgh
  • Fife
  • City of Glasgow
  • Inverness-shire
  • Kincardineshire
  • Kinross-shire
  • Kirkcudbrightshire
  • Lanarkshire
  • Midlothian (County of Edinburgh)
  • Moray (Elginshire)
  • Nairnshire
  • Orkney
  • Peeblesshire
  • Perthshire
  • Renfrewshire
  • Ross and Cromarty
  • Ross-shire
  • Roxburghshire
  • Selkirkshire
  • Shetland (Zetland)
  • Stirlingshire
  • Sutherland
  • West Lothian (Linlithgowshire)
  • Wigtownshire


An additional charge may apply for delivery to non UK mainland locations.