Perfect Log Delivery

Order from us and benefit from the perfect Log delivery to your home address.

buy-large-1.6m3-bulk-bag-of-kiln-dried-logs-free-delivery-firewood-discountsGot yourself a shiny new wood burning stove, new to burning Firewood? Or are you a Seasoned Log connoisseur? Either way, you are in the right place because we can most certainly help you at Firewood Fund.
We are on a quest to make the Log buying process as slick as possible. We’ve a premier service supplying quality logs. Our logs are of the highest quality because they’ve been Kiln Dried. This ensures that the moisture levels are incredibly low – ideal for burning. Wood naturally contains moisture, that can take time to evaporate (hence the term seasoned logs). All our logs however have been through a strict kiln drying process to consistently remove humidity.
Our service allows you to buy Kiln Dried Logs as a one time purchase, or you can subscribe to let your Firewood Log deliveries roll in on a regular basis. This service is ideal for the trade such as pizza kiln restaurants or campsite. The service is also great for household consumers who regularly heat their home with a real fire.
We’ve a couple of options :-

1. The one time purchase process

Simply select the quantity of wood required. Add to your shopping cart, select your log delivery date and check out. You can pay via Stripe or PayPal.

2. Subscribe to save towards your Log delivery 

Select the quality of wood you’d like delivered. Choose your target delivery month and hit subscribe.
You can then pay in monthly instalments via PayPal or Stripe. We will then contact you 2 weeks before
your target delivery month to ensure you are ready for the delivery. There’s no tricks or traps with this service. Terms and conditions apply.

What to expect from your delivery?

Your Log Delivery will arrive on the specified or agreed date via a small truck. The driver will then unload your Bulk Kiln Dried Logs. Your logs will be fully wrapped up to keep any rain, snow or hail out! They will also arrive on a pallet – free with every order ! 😉

Last but not least all our Kiln Dried Firewood is 100% British.

We trust the information above has helped. If you are interested in a Log Delivery from us, please click the button below:

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