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buy kiln dried logs for saleWelcome to the destination to buy Logs online. Kiln Dried Logs For Sale with free delivery to your London address.

We’ve Firewood thats ready to burn because it’s been Kiln Dried. Top tip, buy your Firewood Logs in warmer months to benefit from discounts.

We know good wood from bad wood, we believe in what we do and we’ll give you free delivery on Kiln Dried Logs to any address in the London area.

Why choose Firewood Fund?

√  Buy Firewood direct online. Pay using your credit/debit card.

√  5 star reviewed Firewood service.

√   Firewood Logs are a sustainable heat source.

√   100% British Kiln Dried Logs on sale.

√   Buying Kiln Dried Logs from us supports the UK’s logging industry.

√  Checkout securely via Paypal or Stripe when bulk buying Logs.

√  Flexible options. Bulk logs for sale (as a one time purchase) Or save towards your Log Delivery.

√  Free delivery on Kiln Dried Logs to your address.

Kiln Dried Logs suitable for:

√  Winter use in your wood burning stove or open fire.

√  Firewood ideal for commercial use in Pizza Ovens.

√  Log subscription perfect for Pubs with an Open Fire or Wood Burning Stove.

√  Kiln dried logs also perfect for summer use on your Firepit, Chimnea or Traditional Campfire.

As England’s capital city London has led the line in many ways over the centuries – still continuing as a beacon of culture and business right up to the present day. Most famous for such sights as the river Thames, the Tower of London and Big Ben – it attracts tourists from all over the world. Complete with snapping cameras, flip-flops and ‘I <3 London’ T-shirts.

It’s also the most populated area in the country, and more and more homes across the city have taken to using woodburners throughout the colder months.

Here at the Firewood Fund HQ we’re all about making your life easy, while still ensuring that you get a top quality product with easy, stress-free delivery. We sell kiln-dried logs, which burn better and are also a lot better for your Stove.

You can either use us for a one-off purchase of wood, or you can subscribe and pop away a little bit each month until you reach your target delivery month.

Innovative hey? Well kind of, you already pay for your electricity or gas etc monthly, so why not make it easy and spread the cost of your wood delivery too. On a positive note, it takes away the financial burden of stocking up on wood during colder months, when you’ve more exciting stuff to spend your money on. It totally makes sense right?

Interested? Want to learn more? Great. Just hit the button below to browse Logs For Sale online…we think you’re going to love them!




Not only browsing the World Wide Web for Logs For Sale? Want a Stove or Fireplace supplier?

Here’s one local to your address, if you live in the London area that is 😉


194-202 Battersea Park Road,


SW11 4ND

Unsure about which Wood Burning Stove to buy?

We love burning Kiln Dried Logs on a Stovax stove, check out their range.


Logs For Sale – London
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