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shop-5-star-kiln-dried-logsBuy Kiln Dried Logs Online. Free delivery on Firewood to Lincoln and Lincolnshire addresses.

FirewoodFund’s Logs For Sale are ready to burn because they’ve been extensively dried out in a Kiln . Buy your Firewood in warmer months to benefit from discounts and deals.

Why stock up on your Kiln Dried Logs with Firewood Fund?

√   100% British Kiln Dried Logs on sale.

√   Firewood Logs are a sustainable heat source.

√   Buying Kiln Dried Logs from us supports the UK’s logging industry.

√  Checkout securely via Paypal or Stripe when bulk buying Logs.

√   Transparent 5 star rated Firewood service.

√  Flexible options. Bulk logs for sale (as a one time purchase) Or save towards your Log Delivery.

√  Buy Firewood direct online. Pay using your credit/debit card.

√   Free delivery on Kiln Dried Logs to your address.

Kiln Dried Logs suitable for:

√  Firewood ideal for commercial use in Wood Fired Clay/Brick Pizza Ovens.

√  Log subscription perfect for Pubs with an Open Fire or Wood Burning Stove.

√  Winter use in your wood burning stove or open fire.

√  Kiln dried logs also perfect for summer use on your Firepit, Chimnea or Traditional Campfire.

Lincolnshire is the only county in the United Kingdom to fit into two different regions – part of it is in the Yorkshire & Humber and the rest falls under the East Midlands.

The city of Lincoln, which is right at the heart of the county, plays host to a world famous cathedral while the castle opposite is home to one of the original pieces of the Magna Carta. History aside, it’s also famous for sausages, beaches (Skegness!) and a steep, hilly landscape.

The University, which originally started as part of the University of Hull’s campus, has steadily grown and is now moving up the ranks – establishing itself as a firm centre for media and business training, among other courses.

History and geography aside – whether you live in Skegness, Lincoln or Boston (or anywhere) we can help you when it comes to your wood supplies – offering great solutions to help manage the cost and delivery.

It’s a proven fact that having a log burner, or an open fire, is one of the best ways to keep your home warm – it also makes great economic sense! That’s why hundreds and hundreds of homes around the Lincolnshire area have had them installed!

Life is expensive. It’s a fact. And a sudden outlay for wood can really affect the bank account – so, here at Firewood Fund, we offer you the option to save away a little bit each month. That way, when you need some fuel for the fire, you’ll have a nice amount tucked away ready to ease the cost. Quality Logs For Sale are not cheap these days. 

We’re also here to help with one-off deliveries too, just add your wood of choice to the cart – let us know your delivery details, and we’ll send them your way. It really couldn’t be easier, follow the link below to view our Logs For Sale…


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Unsure about which Wood Burning Stove to invest in?

We love burning Kiln Dried Logs on a Stovax stove. Check out their range.


Logs For Sale – Lincoln
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