Guide to lighting a perfect fire

Lighting the perfect Fire, in 10 simple steps. Follow this guide to light a fire with ease in your wood burning stove (ideally using Kiln Dried Firewood!).

Lots of people buy a wood burning stove without realising that there’s a knack to lighting a fire with Firewood or coal. So after years of combined experience ‘firing up’ stoves, we thought we’d document ‘how to light the perfect fire’ and share with the world…


What you’ll need:

□    Matches or a lighter (ideally an extended cooker lighter).

□    Firelighters

□    Kindling sticks

□    Firewood Logs (ideally bought from us!) or Coal (multi fuel stoves only)

□    Brush


Steps required:

1)    Open up your stove to allow maximum air intake and max output through the flu. (Check your stove manufacturer instructions to understand the controls fully.)

sweeping inside log burning stove










2)    Sweep any accumulated ash away from the bottom grate (enabling plenty of ventilation).
firelighter in woodburning stove









3)    Place a Firelighter centrally within the stove.









4)    Place kindling either side of the Firelighter.

kindling on firelighter









5) Stack two more bits across the top (leaving a gap in the middle).

lighting a firelighter










6)    Light the Firelighter underneath (with stove door open).

firelighters on fire









7)    Allow for the fire to draw and take hold.

kiln dried log on the fire









8)    Place a Log over the top (being careful not to burn yourself!).

9)    Leave for a few minutes with the door slightly open.

10)    Close and enjoy your perfect fire! Remember, after 10 minutes limit the oxygen intake to achieve a slow burn).


Voila, you’ve a perfect fire! Only burn wood with a low moisture content. This will help maximise heat output from your stove. Well-seasoned or Kiln Dried Firewood is ideal for the job.

Alternatively check out this video tutorial:

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