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Those Lovely Large Logs


There are many people out there who have much larger stoves than the standard size found in most homes. Naturally, energy levels change when creating a burn in an oven with a much bigger capacity. Given all of this, it’s essential to buy the best type of fuel, in order to build the perfect stove fire. This is why FirewoodFund also produces superb large kiln dried logs, emerging through a process whereby most of the moisture in the wood is taken away – leaving around 20 per cent. A much better prospect than using seasoned firewood. Why? Because logs of this type for large stoves present you with a highly efficient burn – they are a great deal safer to use and the fire will almost certainly last longer, with little mess to clear up afterwards.   So when selecting our large hardwood logs born from sustained British woodland, the dimensions of your wood are all important. And of course, you should always check manufacturers advice before ordering and learn how to get the best out of your stove.   It may be the ideal size for your burner will be firewood in 35cm lengths – that’s around 13.8 inches. You should then decide whether you’ll need them on an occasional, moderate or regular basis, also taking into account whether they’ll be used for cooking or basic warmth. It’s true to say the larger stock you get, the more money you’ll save in the long run. But of course every stove is different and you’ll need to store them in a safe and dry place like a garage, shed or special store.   We also have large logs for sale at 50cm in length – that’s 19.7 inches – for customers who require something a bit bigger.   When we look at the modern 21st century stove and burner market and the standard size of appliance there’s one thing you’ll notice. The majority will recommend our smaller logs as being perfect for a good safe burn and also to help with the maintenance of the burner. In fact, 99 per cent of new stoves will use them. So it’s worth remembering in this category our kiln dried logs are measured at 25cm or 9.8 inches – that’s within a tolerance of plus or minus 10 per cent.   Why not have your large logs delivered by FirewoodFund, because as a firewood specialist we’ll take good care of you all the way. We pride ourselves on helping customers as much as possible – which is why we can deliver at any address in the UK.   There’s little doubt there’s much more to firing up that perfect burn than meets the eye, so it’s important to get things right from the very beginning. Once you’ve found the right sized logs for your stove, you can begin to build required stocks certain to save you money over time. When you get large logs delivered by FirewoodFund, you know you’re getting the best kiln dried wood. So please feel free to take a good look at our website.   And don’t forget, for every order we receive online – we will donate towards tree planing in Great Britain to help sustain the environment. So not only are you taking care of the here and now – but the future is safe in your hands too. It’s the perfect combination, and another way of showing how much we value our customers, many who come back time and again.



We can provide large hardwood – kiln dried logs measuring 35cm – that’s 13.8 inches in length in smaller or bulk deliveries. There are also firewood logs available at 50cm in length, equivalent to 19.7 inches.   Most standard modern stoves however require smaller kiln dried logs at around 25cm or 9.8 inches, to create a highly efficient burn.   We’re happy to offer solid firewood advice over the telephone at any time if you’re still not completely sure which is best – so feel free to get in touch no matter what your question.