Kiln Dried Oak Logs

Free UK delivery on orders over £100. We deliver kiln dried logs on a pallet to any address in the United Kingdom. 100% British hardwood supplied. Bulk bags typically include a mix of Ash, Beech and Oak logs. You can book your delivery day and select your log size when ordering. We even donate towards tree planting in Great Britain for every order placed online.

Our best selling kiln dried log products:

  • 5 boxes of logs

    5x Boxes of Kiln Dried Logs

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  • Firepit & Pizza Oven Log Bags

    10x Firepit & Pizza Oven Log Bags

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    0.8m3 Bulk Bag of Kiln Dried Logs

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    30x Bags of Kiln Dried Logs

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Why Kiln Dried Oak Logs?

Buy Kiln-dried-oak-logsWhen it comes to finding the right wood for burning, it really all boils down to two major factors:

  1. Density
  2. Moisture

There’s little doubt that the denser and drier the firewood, the better it will ignite and burn. This in turn will produce more heat. Oak is a hardwood, extremely heavy and dense – when cut into logs and professionally dried in a kiln, its moisture content will be dramatically reduced. This is where we come in of course, to help the process along. From the word go, you can expect a first-class burn as the wood has been well prepared. British oak trees are looked upon as an icon of our countryside, so when you see British kiln-dried oak logs for sale, you know they offer real long-term value and quality.

The kiln-dried oak logs we supply are some of the best on the market. Cut into compact sizes, our logs are also much more convenient to store, and they are much better for the environment. It’s true to say British hardwood without question offers the best type of fuel for your fire or burner.

A Closer Look at Oak

Given that there are more than 600 different types of oak tree, it comes as no surprise to see why it’s such a popular choice. What’s more, trees can last for hundreds of years, reaching as much as 100 feet in height. The tree itself produces a fruit called an acorn, generally starting when it reaches around 20 years old. Within another 60 or so years you’ll find an oak tree will produce thousands of acorns. Some years will be more fruitful than others, depending on things like overall health, moisture content, temperature and location. In terms of a really good crop, this will happen every three or four years.

Types of Oak – here are just a few:

  • White oak – rapidly growing shade trees.
  • Red oak – grows from 70 to 150 feet tall and has red-orange, straight-grained wood.
  • Bur oak – one of the most drought-resistant oaks.
  • Chestnut oak – found in rocky, upland forests.
  • English oak – the most common tree species in Britain.
  • Sessile oak – found in woodlands mainly in the north and west of the UK.

Modern oak trees are also classed as being ‘climax vegetation’. Why? Because they are classed as new-comers in the evolution of vegetation. When the ice age came to an end, birches and pines began to evolve. Oak trees were just about last in this cycle.

Remember, kiln-dried oak logs for sale at Firewoodfund are incredibly dry, high-energy logs that are perfect for wood and multi-fuel stoves, fire pits, chimineas, campfires, pizza ovens and range cookers. And the great thing is they are produced from sustainable British hardwood. In fact, all the logs we provide come from 100% hardwood and you’ll discover we have an impressive mixture of oak, ash and beech logs in our stock.

At Firewoodfund we pride ourselves on the quality of our kiln-dried logs, which are guaranteed to give you a brilliant burn suitable for every requirement. It really doesn’t matter if it’s for heating or cooking, with most of the wood’s moisture taken out you can enjoy a long, efficient  and relatively clean burn. This means you’ll get the most out of your stock, saving valuable time and money along the way. Kiln-dried oak logs in particular will always give you superb results.