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Premier kiln-dried firewood logs delivered to Swindon & Wiltshire

Live in Wiltshire or Swindon? Want a quick, convenient way to buy firewood? You’ve come to the right place! It doesn’t matter where you live in Wiltshire – whether it’s Dalton, Cherhill or Salisbury – we can arrange a stress-free delivery of kiln dried logs to your address.

How do I order a firewood delivery to Wiltshire?

It’s easy. Add the amount of firewood logs you need to your basket and proceed to the checkout. From there, enter your payment details (credit/debit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal are all accepted) and pick a delivery date. That’s it! We’ll do the rest.

There’s no charge for firewood deliveries from Monday to Friday – a small fee applies on a Saturday.

Versatile kiln dried logs for sale

Our wooden logs for sale can be used for many purposes, so whether you are searching for; best wood for log burners, best wood for pizza ovens, chiminea logs, wood for wood burners, wood for stoves or wood logs for fireplace – we can fulfil your needs. 

All bags typically contain a mix of:

We do not target specific wood species for the purpose of sustainability.

Kiln Dried Log Delivery

How will my firewood delivery arrive?

It will either arrive as a bulk bag on a pallet or as multiple bags of logs stacked on a pallet – you can choose which you’d prefer when you order. If you’re unsure how to dispose of the pallet, take a look at this page.

Select your kiln dried firewood log size 

Select the right sized logs for your needs here. See below for a reminder of the size options across our bulk logs for sale:

I don’t have an open fire. Can I use your hardwood logs for other purposes?

Your logs can be used in a wide variety of ways beyond an open fire or wood-burner.

They’re ideal for outdoor use on bonfires and campfires or in chimineas and fire pits, for instance. And you may not have considered it, but you can also use them in your clay or brick pizza oven for an authentic taste of Italy.

Remember, you can pick the size of kiln dried hardwood log you need using our online selector. We have small logs, medium logs and large logs for sale, so you can get the right size for your wood-burner, stove or pizza oven.

What’s the best wood for burning?

Without a doubt, it’s kiln-dried wood. Why? Because it’s drier than seasoned logs, it’s much easier to light and reaches toasty temperatures fast. Not only that, but you can use it immediately; there’s no need to wait for it to dry out. Remember the best logs for your log burner = kiln dried. Check out our firewood for sale today.

All the logs for sale on FirewoodFund are British hardwoods. Your order will contain a mix of kiln-dried ash logs, kiln-dried beech logs and kiln-dried oak logs that have been responsibly sourced, so you can be sure you’re supporting British business and the environment too. 

Where do you get your logs?

The kiln-dried logs for sale on this website are British and sustainable.

We source logs that have been felled as part of a tree-thinning process conducted by professional tree surgeons. They know the best way to remove the wood while preserving the welfare of our woodlands.

Because we’re committed to supporting the environment, we also make regular donations to tree-planting projects throughout the UK. This ensures that our woodlands are nurtured and protected for generations to come.

What are the benefits of buying firewood by volume?

The main reason is that it’s more transparent than selling logs by weight.

Often, seasoned logs are damp, which means you buy moisture as part of the weight. With kiln-dried wood logs, most of the water has been removed, which means they’re lighter. As such, the volume is a much clearer gauge of what you’re buying because you can imagine the space it occupies.

Why should I choose you for my bulk firewood delivery to Wiltshire?

Our biggest selling point is the fact that we offer a convenient, transparent service. But don’t just take our word for it; check out our five-star reviews here.

Other great reasons include:

  • Order a kiln dried log delivery at any time online.
  • Pick from several payment options when buying bulk firewood logs. Options include card, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Choose a delivery day that’s best for you.
  • Delivery is free from Monday to Friday (there’s a small charge for Saturday delivery).
  • We support the British logging trade.
  • Our bulk logs for sale are sustainably sourced.
  • We support the environment. We aim to be a responsible log supplier.

FirewoodFund: Growth Since 2016

A passion for British dry firewood and a disdain for poor services – The kindling that birthed FirewoodFund. After purchasing a stove, Matthew (our founder) headed to find some local firewood. Like most, he stopped at the first ‘Firewood for Sale’ sign he saw.

Armed with a pocket full of cash and a Debit Card just in case, he thought he had all bases covered. Little did he know he’d be paying by slipping a cheque – of all things – under a plant pot!

Well, at least he had his dry firewood. But to his surprise, these logs were shipped from Eastern Europe.. ‘Why?’ he thought. After all, that’s an unnecessary carbon footprint when we have perfectly fine woodland in Britain.

Hitting Google search, he started to research other local firewood businesses – They were all doing the same wasteful shipping. Matthew decided it was time to start his own company, Now, we offer sustainably sourced firewood delivered straight to your home (or firepit, if you’re that lazy!)

Today, we have organised thousands of firewood log deliveries and donated thousands of pounds towards tree planting activity in the United Kingdom.

Firewood delivery locations in Wiltshire & Swindon:


Abbotstone, Ablington, Addeston, Alcombe, Aldbourne, Alderbury, Alderton, All Cannings, Allington (near Chippenham), Allington (near Devizes), Allington (near Salisbury), Alton Barnes, Alton Priors, Alvediston, Amesbury, Amour Acre, Ansty, Appledoe, Ashgoe, Ashlade, Ashleigh, Ashley, Ashton Gifford, Ashton Keynes, Ashwell, Asserton, Atworth, Aughton, Avebury, Avon, Avoncliff and Axford.


Badbury, Badbury Wick, Bagshot, Bapton, Barbury Castle, Barford St Martin, Barrow Street, Bathampton, Baverstock, Baydon, Bayfield, Beanacre, Beardwell, Bearfield, Beechingstoke, Bemerhills, Bemerton, Bentham, Berryfield, Berwick Bassett, Berwick St James, Berwick St John, Berwick St Leonard, Beversbrook, Biddesden, Biddestone, Bigley, Bincknoll Castle, Birchanger, Birdbush, Bisford, Bishop Fowley, Bishops Cannings, Bishopstone near Salisbury, Bishopstone near Swindon, Bishopstrow, Bishops Cannings, Blackland, Blagdon Hill, Blount’s Court, Blunsdon St Andrew, Bodenham, Bonham, Boreham, Boscombe, Bottlesford, Bowerchalke, Bowerhill, Bowood House, Box, Boyton, Bradenstoke, Bradford Leigh, Bradford on Avon, Bratton, Braydon, Bremhill, Bricefield, Brickworth, Bridmore, Brigmerston, Brillscote, Brimergate, Brinkworth, Britford, Brixton Deverill, Broad Blunsdon, Broad Chalke, Broad Hinton, Broad Leaze, Broad Town, Brogbrook, Brokenborough, Brokerswood, Bromham, Brotton Hill, Broughton Gifford, Brunton, Bugley, Bugmore, Bulbridge, Bulford, Bulkington, Bullenhill, Bupton, Burbage, Burcombe, Burderop, Burlton, Wiltshire, Burntheath, Wiltshire, Burton, Bushayes, Bushcombe, Bushton and Buttermere.


Calne, Castle Combe, Castle Eaton, Castle Hill, Chapmanslade, Charlton, Brinkworth, Charlton, Pewsey Vale, Charlton-All-Saints, Cherhill, Chicklade, Chilmark, Chilton Foliat, Chippenham, Chirton, Chisbury, Chiseldon, Chitterne, Chittoe, Cholderton, Christian Malford, Chute Cadley, Chute Forest, Coate, Codford, Colerne, Collingbourne Ducis, Collingbourne Kingston, Compton Bassett, Compton Chamberlayne, Coombe (near Donhead St Mary), Coombe (near Enford), Coombe Bissett, Corsham, Corsley, Corston, Wiltshire, Coulston, Covingham, Cricklade, Croucheston and Crudwell.


Dauntsey, Dauntsey Lock, Devizes, Dilton Marsh, Dinton, Ditteridge, Donhead St Andrew, Donhead St Mary, Downton, Durrington, Derry Hill, Draycot Cerne and Draycot Foliat.


East Chisenbury, East Everleigh, East Grafton, East Kennett, East Knoyle, Easterton, Easton (Bishops Cannings), Easton Grey, Easton Royal, Ebbesbourne Wake, Edington, Enford, Erlestoke, Etchilhampton and Everleigh.


Figheldean, Fifield, Fifield Bavant, Firsdown, Fisherton Delamere, Fittleton, Fonthill Bishop, Fonthill Gifford, Ford, Fosbury, Fovant, Foxham, Foxley, Froxfield, Fugglestone St Peter, Fyfield and Fyfield (Pewsey).


Gasper, Goatacre, Great Bedwyn, Great Chalfield, Great Cheverell, Great Durnford, Great Hinton, Great Somerford, Great Wishford, Greatfield, Greenhill, Grittleton and Gastard.


Hannington, Hannington Wick, Haydon Wick, Ham, Ham Hill, Hampton, Hamptworth, Harnham, Hawkstreet, Haxton, Hayes Knoll, Heytesbury, Heywood, Highworth, Hilmarton, Hilperton, Hindon, Hinton Parva, Hodson, Holt, Honeystreet, Horningsham, Horton, Huish and Hullavington.




Keevil, Kilmington, Kington Langley, Kington St Michael, Knook and Knook Castle.


Lacock, Lacock Abbey, Lake, Langley Burrell, Larkhill, Laverstock, Lea, Leigh Delamere, Liddington, Limpley Stoke, Little Bedwyn, Little Cheverell, Little Salisbury, Little Somerford, Littlecote House, Littlecott, Littleton Drew, Littleworth, Lockeridge, Longbridge Deverill, Longstreet, Lover, Lower Chute, Lower Everleigh, Lower Woodford, Ludgershall, Ludwell, Lydeway, Lydiard Millicent, Lydiard Tregoze and Lyneham.


Maddington, Maiden Bradley, Malmesbury, The Manningfords, Manton, Marden, Market Lavington, Marlborough, Marlborough Downs, Marston, Marston Meysey, Marten, Melksham, Mere, Middle Woodford, Milbourne, Mile Elm, Milton Lilbourne, Mildenhall, Minety, Monkton Farleigh, Morgan’s Vale and Mountain Bower.


Neston, Nettleton, Netherstreet, Netheravon, New Town, New Zealand, Nine Elms, Nomansland, North Bradley, North Tidworth, North Wraxall, Norton Bavant, Notton and Nunton.


Oare, Odstock, Ogbourne St George, Ogbourne St Andrew, Ogbourne Maizey, Old Dilton, Old Sarum, Old Wardour Castle, Oxenwood and Oaksey.


Patney, Perham Down, Pertwood, Pewsey, Pitton, Potterne, Poulshot, Poulton, Purton and Purton Stoke.


Ramsbury, Restrop, Ridge, Rivar, Rockley, Rollestone, Roundway, Royal Wootton Bassett, Rowde, Rushall and Rybury Camp.


St. Edith’s Marsh, Salisbury, Sandridge, Sandy Lane, Scratchbury Camp, Seagry Heath, Sedgehill, Seend, Sells Green, Semley, Sevenhampton, Sevington, Shaw, Shalbourne, Sherrington, Sherston, Shrewton, Slaughterford, Snap, South Marston, South Newton, Stanton St Bernard, Stanton St Quintin, Stapleford, Startley, Steeple Ashton, Steeple Langford, Stert, Stitchcombe, Stockley, Stockton, Stourton, Stratford Sub Castle, Stratford Tony, Stype, Stonehenge, Sutton Benger, Sutton Mandeville, Sutton Veny, Swallowcliffe, Swanborough and Swindon.


Teffont Evias, Teffont Magna, The Shoe, Tiddleywink, Tidcombe, Tidworth, Tilshead, Tisbury, Tockenham, Tollard Royal, Trowbridge, Tytherington, U, Upavon, Upper Chute, Upper Seagry, Upper Upham, Upper Woodford, Upper Wraxall, Upton Lovell, Upton Scudamore and Urchfont.


Vale of Pewsey, W, Wanborough, Wardour, Warminster, Washpool, Wedhampton, West Ashton, West Chisenbury, West Dean, West Grafton, West Grimstead, West Kennett, West Kington, West Knoyle, West Lavington, West Overton, West Stowell, Westbrook, Westbury, Westwood, Wexcombe, Whaddon (near Salisbury), Whaddon (near Trowbridge), Whiteparish, Whitley, Widham, Wilcot, Wilsford (near Pewsey), Wilsford cum Lake, Wilton (near Salisbury), Wilton (near Marlborough), Wingfield, Winsley, Winterbourne Bassett, Winterbourne Dauntsey, Winterbourne Earls, Winterbourne Gunner, Winterbourne Monkton, Winterbourne Stoke, Winterslow, Woodborough, Woodfalls, Wootton Rivers, Worton, Wroughton and Wylye.


Yarnbrook, Yatesbury and Yatton Keynell.



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