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Kindling & Firelighters:

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Kiln-dried firewood logs delivered to Liverpool & Merseyside

Want to buy firewood online? You’ve come to the right place! Arrange a kiln-dried log delivery to any address in Liverpool or Merseyside with us! Whether you live in Thurston, Southport or Haydock, we guarantee a 5-star product every time. Just select the amount of wood you need, pay and pick a delivery date – that’s it. We’ll get your order to you quickly and conveniently.

What’s in my firewood delivery?

Each order contains a mixture of British hardwood logs and includes:

We do not target specific wood species for the purpose of sustainability.

All our firewood logs are ready to burn because they’ve had the moisture extracted through the kiln-drying process. That makes them easier to light and means they give off less smoke than seasoned logs. In fact, they’re the best wood for burning. Don’t forget: You can get kindling and firelighters from us too. Simply add them to your basket! Remember the best logs for your log burner = kiln dried. Check out our kiln dried logs for sale today.

Large, medium or small logs?

Select the right sized logs for your needs here. See below for a reminder of the size options across our bulk logs for sale:

Kiln Dried Log Delivery

How much is a firewood delivery to Merseyside?

We can deliver kiln-dried wood logs to your home in Liverpool or Merseyside for free on weekdays. A small fee applies on Saturdays if that suits your schedule.

Where can I have firewood delivered in Merseyside?

Everywhere! We don’t just deliver to addresses in Liverpool; we can arrange delivery to addresses throughout the area, including Rainford, Formby and Birkenhead. Scroll down to see the full list of towns and villages we service in Merseyside.

Are the kiln-dried logs for sale on your website suitable for wood burners?

Yes, in fact, they’re suitable for a wide range of uses, from open fires and fire pits to chimineas and pizza ovens. So whether you are searching for; best wood for log burners, best wood for pizza ovens, chiminea logs, wood for wood burners, wood for stoves or wood logs for fireplace – we can fulfil your needs.

Should I buy kiln-dried logs in bulk?

Absolutely. It’s better value for money – and infinitely more convenient – to buy bags of logs in bulk. We supply our bulk firewood deliveries in large bags on a pallet, although we can also provide smaller boxes of wood stacked on a pallet if you’d prefer. If you’re keen on saving money, we recommend buying your bulk firewood logs over the summer. Demand for firewood slows over the warmer months, so many companies offer discounts to keep their stock moving.

Why are your products sold by volume not weight?

We sell in cubic metres rather than kilograms because it gives you a better idea of what you’re buying. Seasoned logs often contain a high proportion of moisture, which adds to the weight. As a result, you get a lot of water for your money! Kiln-dried logs, on the other hand, have had most of the water removed, so they weigh less. You’d be surprised by how much wood you’d get if you ordered a tonne of kiln-dried logs! We’ve therefore decided to sell logs by the cubic metre; it means you can picture what you’re getting more clearly.

Why choose FirewoodFund for your log delivery?

When you buy kiln-dried hardwood from us, you’re supporting British business. That’s because we only sell 100% English logs that have been felled in a sustainable way. Not only will you get a warm glow from your roaring fire, but you’ll get one from supporting the local economy too! In addition, we also give back to British woodlands. For every online order you place with FirewoodFund, we make a donation to help support British tree-planting projects. We’re committed to protecting the UK’s delicate forest ecosystems for future generations. Other reasons include:

  • Securely buy kiln dried firewood using your credit/debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal account online.
  • Choose your preferred delivery date.
  • Get free delivery on weekday kiln dried log deliveries.
  • High-quality, wooden logs for sale.
  • The best wood for burning supplied.
  • 5-star-rated firewood for sale.

All about FirewoodFund: The UK’s favourite Environmentally friendly firewood supplier

Looking for Locally Sourced Firewood for Sale? FirewoodFund Has Just What You Need! There’s nothing quite like a log fire – from the beautiful aroma released by the burning wood to the crackling warmth radiating from the hearth.

FirewoodFund’s founder, Matthew, feels the same, but after a sub-par experience with a local dry firewood supplier in 2016, he began questioning where his wood came from. He wondered if this was locally supplied, and if so, how exactly were the firewood logs delivered and sourced?

In his plight for answers, this led Matthew down a rabbit hole of note, but one that would eventually be the seed behind the creation of FirewoodFund.
One of the biggest issues surrounding the UK’s firewood market is the clear lack of transparency on where and how wood is sourced. After careful research, Matthew discovered that much of the firewood delivered was not at all sustainable. Instead, most was shipped in from Eastern Europe, often on wooden pallet crates – adding hugely to its carbon footprint. Firewood that comes from beyond Britain’s borders in this way also poses a major risk to the country’s woodlands, inadvertently bringing in harmful bugs and diseases.

Today, FirewoodFund is the UK’s leading supplier of dry firewood that is sustainably sourced. Conscientious consumers looking for firewood for sale now have an option that is more sustainable than what is currently available.

At FirewoodFund, we strive to:

  • Encourage local trade
  • Establish long-lasting connections with our clients built on trust
  • Supply locally sourced logs that are dry and ready to burn
  • Ensure that our customers have an exceptional experience when ordering and getting their firewood logs delivered
  • Support local tree-planting initiatives for every order placed (read more here).

Firewood delivery locations in the Liverpool and Merseyside:


Aigburth, Ainsdale, Aintree, Allerton and Anfield.


Barnston, Bebington, Beechwood, Belle Vale, Bidston, Billinge, Birkdale, Birkenhead,Blowick, Blundellsands, Bold, Bootle, Bowring Park, Brighton le Sands, Brimstage,Broadgreen, Bromborough and Bromborough Pool.


Caldy, Canning, Childwall, Churchtown, Claughton, Clock Face, Clubmoor, Crank,Cressington, Crosby, Crossens, Croxteth and Croxteth Park Estate.


Dentons Green, Dingle and Dovecot.


Earlestown, Eastham, Eccleston, Eccleston Lane Ends, Eccleston Park, Edge Hill, Egremont and Everton.


Fairfield, Fazakerley, Ford, Ford Estate, Formby, Frankby and Freshfield.


Garston, Gateacre, Gayton, Gillmoss, Golborne Dale, Grange, Grange Park, Grassendale, Greasby, Great Altcar and Great Meols.


Halewood, Halsnead Park, Haydock, Heswall, Higher Bebington, Higher Tranmere, Hightown, Hillside, Hoylake, Hunts Cross and Huyton.


Ince Blundell and Irby.


Kensington, Kings Moss, Kirkby, Kirkdale, Knotty Ash, Knowsley Village and Knowsley Park.


Landican, Larton, Leasowe, Liscard, Litherland, Little Altcar, Little Crosby, Liverpool, Lunt and Lydiate.


Maghull, Marshside, Melling, Meols, Moreton and Mossley Hill.


Netherley, Netherton, New Brighton, New Ferry, Newton, Newton-le-Willows, Noctorum and Norris Green.


Old Roan, Old Swan, Orrell Park and Oxton.


Page Moss, Parr, Pensby, Port Sunlight, Poulton, Prenton and Prescot.


Raby, Raby Mere, Rainford, Rainhill, Roby and Rock Ferry.


Saughall Massie, Seacombe, Seaforth, Sefton, Southport, Speke, Spital, St Helens, Stockbridge Village, Stoneycroft, Sutton Leach and Sutton Manor.


Tarbock, Thatto Heath, Thingwall, Thornton, Thornton Hough, Thurstaston, Toxteth, Tranmere and Tuebrook.






Waddicar, Wallasey, Wallasey Village, Walton, Waterloo, Wavertree, West Derby, West Kirby, Whiston, Windle, Wolverham, Woodchurch, Woodvale and Woolton.

Keeping homes in Liverpool & Merseyside warm

Kiln dried logs are a great way to keep your home warm during the winter. If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to get your hands on some quality kiln dried firewood, look no further than our online store. We offer kiln dried logs for sale that are perfect for keeping your home cosy all winter long. And if you live in Liverpool or Merseyside, we can even deliver them straight to your home! So what are you waiting for? Order your kiln dried logs today!

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