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The destination to buy kiln dried logs online. Book your log delivery to any Herefordshire address.

Our firewood logs are ready to burn because they’ve been kiln dried, so you can use right away.  Top tip of the day; buy your Firewood in warmer months to benefit from discounts.

Here at the heart of Firewood Fund, our passionate team have gathered some of the UK’s finest kiln dried logs. By popular demand, they are all now for sale online in a range of sizes and types to suit anyone’s fireplace.

Make an order today and we’ll make sure that these special logs are delivered to your home in Worcester or anywhere else inside Herefordshire – we believe in going that extra mile to please all our customers.

You’re probably comparing other companies and wondering why you should buy your kiln dried logs from us? We understand and would like to explain:

√   You’ll be backing a British firewood business.

√   Free home delivery on all our logs for sale. Conveniently delivered to any Herefordshire or Hereford address.

√   Our full range of logs for sale are a quality, sustainable heat source.

√   5 star rated service has built a large and faithful following in your area.

√   Our bulk logs for sale are always 100% English.

√  Buy Firewood direct online. Pay using your credit/debit card.

√  Select your firewood log size. Sizes available: small logs, medium logs and large logs for sale. Our size selection service will ensure you get the perfect logs for a wood burner, open fire etc.

√  Checkout securely via Paypal and Stripe when bulk buying logs.

√  Flexible options; Book your log delivery date and time slot.

√  Bulk Firewood conveniently delivered on a pallet to your address.

√  Our logs for sale are typically much drier than seasoned logs because they’ve been kiln dried.

Kiln dried logs suitable for:

√  Winter use in your wood burning stove or open fire.

√  Firewood ideal for commercial use in Wood Fired Clay/Brick Pizza Ovens.

√  Log delivery service perfect for Public Houses with an Open Fire or Wood Burning Stove.

√  Our kiln dried logs for sale are  perfect for summer use on your Firepit, Chimnea or Traditional Campfire.

kiln dried log delivery | free firewood deliveryBuy firewood the convenient way. Order hardwood online then get your kiln dried hardwood logs delivered to your address. Why struggle loading your car at the supermarket or garage? Buying logs in small quantities is expensive. Having bulk firewood delivered is the best value way to buy logs. We can supply you a kiln dried logs pallet direct to any Herefordshire address.

Our bulk bags are made up of a mixture of British hardwood logs from a natural thinning process. The typical firewood types are:

  • Kiln dried oak logs for sale
  • Kiln dried ash logs for sale
  • Kiln dried beech logs for sale

FirewoodFund’s bulk log bags are sold in Cubic Metres (m3). We sell our logs in volume rather than weight because most of the moisture has been removed through the kiln drying process. Buying logs in weight isn’t a good measure because ton bag of logs could mean you get very few logs if they damp containing moisture. Beyond our bulk bags, you can also buy individual smaller bags of logs stacked on a pallet.

It’s only natural for it to be freezing cold in Herefordshire durning winter months, so instead of leaving the boiler on full blast, why not choose an open fire? We have the best kiln dried wood around. Click the menu buttons to organise your kiln dried log delivery.

We haven’t the cheapest kiln dried logs on sale, but when it comes to quality logs you get what you pay for. We are confident we’ve the best logs for your log burner. Best wood for burning = kiln dried logs.

Log delivery locations in Herefordshire:


Abbey Dore, Abcott, Acton Beauchamp, Acton Green, Adforton, Alder’s End, Allensmore, Almeley, Almeley Wooton, Altbough, Amberley, Archenfield, Arrow Green, Ashfield, Ashley Moor, Ashperton, Ashton, Aston, Aston Crews, Aston Ingham, Auberrow, Aulden, Aylestone Hill, Aylton and Aymestrey.


Bacton, Bagwyllydiart, Ballingham, Ballingham Hill, Bank Street, Barland, Barnfields, Barons’ Cross, Bartestree, Barton Court, Bartonsham, Batchcott, Batchfields, Baysham, Bearwood, Beavan’s Hill, Beggars Ash, Berrington, Berrington Green, Berrow Green, Bicton, Birchal, Birchend, Bircher, Birley, Birtley, Bishon Common, Bishops Frome, Bishopstone, Blacklands, Blackmarstone, Blackwardine, Blakemere, Bleak Acre, Bockleton, Bodenham, Bodenham Bank, Bodenham Moor, Bolstone, Bosbury, Bowley, Bowley Lane, Bowley Town, Bradlow, Bradnor Green, Brampton Abbotts, Brampton Bryan, Brand Green, Brandhill, Bredenbury, Bredwardine, Breinton Common, Brelston Green, Bridge End, Bridge, Sollers, Bridstow, Brierley, Brilley, Brilley Mountain, Brimfield, Bringewood Forge, Bringsty Common, Brinkley Hill, Brinsop, Brinsop Common, Broad Green, Broad Heath, Broad Oak, Broadmoor Common, Broadward, Broadway Lands, Brobury, Brockhampton, Brockmanton, Bromsash, Bromyard, Bromyard Downs, Bronydd, Broome, Broom’s Green, Broomy Hill, Brown’s End, Broxwood, Buckton, Bullinghope, Bull’s Hill, Burcher, Burghill, Burley Gate, Burmash, Burrington, Bush Bank, Bycross, Byford, Byford Common, Byton and Byton Hand.


Callow, Callow Hill, Callow Marsh, Calver Hill, Canon Bridge, Canon Frome, Canon Pyon, Carey, Carterspiece, Castle Frome, Catley Southfield, Chance’s Pitch, Chandler’s Cross, Chase End Street, Checkley, Chickward, Cholstrey, Churchfield, Clehonger, Clencher’s Mill, Clifford, Clifton-upon-Teme, Clock Mills, Clodock, Clouds, Cobhall Common, Cobnash, Cock Gate, Cockshoot, Cockyard, Coddington, Collington, Collins Green, Colwall, Colwall Green, Colwall Stone, Combe, Combe Moor, Comberton, Common Hill, Cornett, Coughton, Covender, Coxall, Cradley, Craswell, Credenhill, Crick’s Green, Crizeley, Crocker’s Ash, Croft, Cross Llyde, Crossway, Crossway, Crow Hill, Crowther’s Pool, Crozen, Crumpton Hill, Cupid’s Hill, Cusop and Cwmyoy.


Dancing Green, Darbys Green, Didley, Dilwyn, Dinedor, Dinedor Cross, Discoed, Docklow, Dodmarsh, Dol-y-cannau, Dolyhir, Donnington, Dormington, Dorstone, Dulas, Durlow Common and Duxmoor.


Eardisland, Eardisley, East Dean, Easthampton, Eastnor, Eastwood, Eaton, Eaton Bishop, Eau Withington, Ebnall, Edvin Loach, Edwyn Ralph, Eign Hill, Elms Green, Elsdon, Elton, Elton’s Marsh, English Bicknor, Enmore Field, Even Pits, Evendine, Evesbatch, Ewyas Harold, Eye and Eyton.


Fairfields, Falcon, Fawley Chapel, Felton, Fiddler’s Green, Field, Field’s Place, Fine Street, Fishpool, Five Bridges, Flaggoners Green, Flintsham, Floodgates, Ford, Fownhope, Fox Hill, Foxley, Foy, Franklands Gate, Fromes Hill and Fromington.


Ganarew, Garway, Garway Hill, Gelli Gandryll, Gilfach, Glewstone, Golden Valley, Golder Field, Goodrich, Goose Pool, Gorsley Common, Gosford, Grafton, Grantsfield, Great Doward, Green Crize, Green Lane, Greenhill, Greete, Grendon Bishop, Grendon Green, Greytree, Grittlesend and Grove.


Hagley, Hales Bank, Hales Wood, Hallwood Green, Halmond’s Frome, Ham Green, Hamnish Clifford, Hampton Bishop, Hampton Park, Hardwicke, Harewood End, Hatfield, Haven, Haven, Hawkersland Cross, Headbrook, Heath, Hengoed, Hereford, High Lane, Highway, Hildersley, Hill Gate, Hillend Green, Hillhampton, Hinton, Hipplecote, Hoarwithy, Hole-in-the-Wall, Hollybush, Holme Lacy, Holme Marsh, Holmer, Holywell, Hom Green, Hope Mansell, Hope under Dinmore, Hope’s Rough, Hopley’s Green, Horseway Head, How Caple, Howton, Humber, Hunderton, Hungerstone, Huntington, Huntington, Hurstley and Hyde.






Kenchester, Kentchurch, Kerne Bridge, Kerry’s Gate, Kiln Green, Kilpeck, Kimbolton, King’s Acre, King’s Caple, King’s Pyon, King’s Thorn, Kingsfield, Kingsland, Kingstone, Kingstone, Kingswood, Kington, Kinnersley, Kinnerton, Kinton, Kinsham, Kivernoll, Knapton Green, Knightwick, Knill, Kymin, Kynaston, Kyre, Kyre Green, Kyre Park and Kyrewood.


Lady Halton, Ladyridge, Lane End, Larport, Lawton, Lea, Lea Line, Ledbury, Leddington, Ledgemoor, Ledicot, Leinthall Earls, Leinthall Starkes, Leintwardine, Leominster, Letton, Letton, Leys Hill, Leysters, Limebrook, Lingen, Linley Green, Linton, Linton Hill, Lintridge, Litmarsh, Little Birch, Little Cowarne, Little Dewchurch, Little Doward, Little Garway, Little Gorsley, Little Hereford, Little Hill, Little Malvern, Little Marcle, Little Merthyr, Little Tarrington, Little Welland, Llancloudy, Llangarron, Llangrove, Llanrothal, Llanthony, Llanveynoe, Llanwarne, Longtown, Longworth, Lower Bearwood, Lower Breinton, Lower Buckenhill, Lower Bullingham, Lower Burton, Lower Egleton, Lower Grove Common, Lower Hardwick, Lower Harpton, Lower Hergest, Lower Kinsham, Lower Lye, Lower Maes-coed, Lower Rabber, Lower Sapey, Lower Southfield, Lower Todding, Lower Town, Lower Welson, Lower Wyche, Loxter, Lucton, Ludford, Ludstock, Lugg Green, Lugwardine, Lulham, Lulsley, Luston, Luxley, Lyde Cross, Lyne Down and Lyonshall.


Madley, Mansell Gamage, Mansell Lacy, Marden, Marl Bank, Marlas, Marlbrook, Marlow, Marston, Marston Stannett, Marstow, Martley, Mathon, Maund Bryan, Meadow Green, Meer Common, Merbach, “Merton, “, Merrivale, Michaelchurch, Michaelchurch Escley, Michaelchurch-on-Arrow, Middle Maes-coed, Middleton, Middleton on the Hill, Millhalf, Milton, Moccas, Monkhide, Monkland, Monmarsh, Monmouth Cap, Monnington on Wye, Moorcot, Moorend Cross, Moorhampton, Mordiford, Moreton, Moreton Jeffries, Moreton-on-Lugg, Mortimer’s Cross, Much Birch, Much Cowarne, Much Dewchurch, Much Marcle, Munderfield Row, Munderfield Stocks, Munsley, Munstone and Mynd.


Nash, Netherton, New Mills, Newcastle, Newchurch, Newman’s Place, Newton, Newton, Newton, Newton, Newtown, Newtown, Newtown, Nextend, Norbridge and Norton Canon.


Ocle Pychard, Old Country, Old Forge, Old Gore, Old Wharf, Orcop, Orcop Hill, Orleton, Orleton Common and Overton.


Panks Bridge, Paradise Green, Parkway, Parton, Peartree Green, Pembridge, Pen-allt, Pencombe, Pencraig, Penguithal, Penrhos, Pen-y-park, Perrystone Hill, Perton, Peterchurch, Peterstow, Phocle Green, Picken End, Pikestye, Pipe and Lyde, Pixley, Pontrilas, Pontshill, Pool Head, Poolbrook, Poolmill, Portway, Pow Green, Preston Marsh, Preston Wynne, Preston-on-Wye, Prior’s Frome, Priory Wood, Pudleston, Putley, Putley Common, Putley Green and Putson.


Ravenhills Green, Readings, Red Hill, Red Rail, Rhydspence, Richards Castle, Ridgeway Cross, Risbury, Rodd, Rodd Hurst, Ross-on-Wye, Rotherwas, Rowland’s Green, Rowlestone, Ruckhall, Rudhall, Rushall, Rushock, Ruxton, Ruxton Green, Ryelands and Ryton.


Saffron’s Cross, Sapey Bridge, Sapey Common, Sarnesfield, Sellack, Sellack Boat, Shaw Common, Shelwick, Shelwick Green, Shenmore, Shirl Heath, Shobdon, Shucknall, Shutton, Snodhill, Sollers Dilwyn, Sollers Hope, St Margarets, St Michaels, St Owen’s Cross, St Weonards, Stagbatch, Stanford Bishop, Stanford Bridge, Stanford-on-Teme, Stanley Hill, Stansbatch, Stapleton, Staplow, Staunton-on-Arrow, Staunton-on-Wye, Steen’s Bridge, Steventon, Stocking, Stockton, Stoke Bliss, Stoke Cross, Stoke Edith, Stoke Hill, Stoke Lacy, Stoke Lane, Stoke Prior, Stoneyard Green, Stony Cross, Stony Cross, Stony Cross, Storridge, Stowe, Stowfield, Strangford, Stretford, Stretford Court, Stretton Grandison, Stretton Sugwas, Sugwas Pool, Sunset, Sutton Lakes, Sutton Marsh, Sutton St Michael, Sutton St Nicholas, Sutton Walls, Swainshill, Sweet Green, Swinmore Common and Symonds Yat.


Tarrington, Tarrington Common, Tedstone Delamere, Tedstone Wafer, The Bage, The Cleaver, The Fording, The Forge, The Hundred, The Knapp, The Lonk, The Marsh, The Moors, The Pludds, The Rhydd, The Riddle, The Vauld, The Weaven, The Wymm, Thorn, Thornbury, Three Ashes, Thruxton, Tidnor, Tillers’ Green, Tillington, Tillinton Common, Titley, Totnor, Tram Inn, Treaddow, Tretire, Trumpet, Tudorville, Tumpy Lakes, Tupsley, Turkey Tump, Turnastone, Twyford Common and Tyberton.


Ullingswick, Upcott, Uphampton, Upper Breinton, Upper Broxwood, Upper Buckenhill, Upper Colwall, Upper Dormington, Upper Egleton, Upper Grove Common, Upper Hamnish, Upper Hardwick, Upper Hergest, Upper Hill, Upper Kinsham, Upper Lyde, Upper Lye, Upper Maes-coed, Upper Rochford, Upper Sapey, Upper Town, Upper Welland, Upper Welson, Upper Wyche, Upton Bishop, Upton Crews and Urdimarsh.


Veldo, Venn’s Green, Vowchurch and Vowchurch Common.


Wacton, “Walford, Leintwardine”, “Walford, Ross-on-Wye”, Walker’s Green, Waller’s Green, Walson, Walterstone, Walton, Wants Green, Warden, Warham, Wayend Street, Wellington, Wellington Heath, Welsh Bicknor, Welsh Newton, Welsh Newton Common, Weobley, Weobley Marsh, West Lydiatt, West Malvern, West Town, Westbrook, Westfield, Westfields, Westhide, Westhope, Weston, Weston Beggard, Weston under Penyard, Wharton, Whitbourne, Whitchurch, White Cross, White Rocks, White Stone, Whitechurch Maund, Whiteleaved Oak, Whitney-on-Wye, Whitton, Whitton, Whyle, Widemarsh, Wigmore, Willersley, Willow Green, Wilson, Wilton, Winforton, Winnal, Winnal Common, Winslow Mill, Withington, Withington Marsh, Wofferwood Common, Wolferlow, Womaston, Wood End, Woolhope, Woolhope Cockshoot, Woonton, Woonton, Wootton, Wormbridge, Wormbridge Common, Wormelow Tump, Wormsley, Wylde, Wynds Point, Wynn’s Green and Wyson.


Yarkhill, Yarpole, Yarsop, Yatton and Yazor.

Kiln dried log delivery to Hereford and Herefordshire

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