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The one stop shop to buy kiln dried firewood online. Organise your log delivery to any Crewe and Cheshire address today.

Our firewood logs are ready to burn because they’ve been kiln dried to eliminate moisture. Whilst you are here, lets let you into a secret of ours; buy your Firewood in warmer months to benefit from discounts. Summer is the best time to organise a log delivery for value for money.

Did you know way back in January 2010 the temperature plummeted to a incredibly cold minus 17°C. This was recorded in Woodford, Cheshire. Now thats what we consider cold! In the highlands it actually reached minus 23°C that night. Why not be prepared for these Winter conditions by bulk buying some Kiln Dried Logs for your Stove or Open Fire?

Cheshire, a lowland province within north-western England, looks like a hammock slung amid the Flint–Denbighshire uplands (west), and the south-west Pennines (east), and the southerly morainic barrier. This is traversed by the midland gap, now trailed by road, canal and rail. Under the effect of the expanding cotton business, Stockport (significant for the production of textile machinery) and other towns within north-east Cheshire developed rapidly; Birkenhead then progressed around Cammell Laird’s shipyard.

As the populace quadrupled in the 19th century, canals took agricultural and coal products to the labour forces, and salt over all of England; railway networks radiating from Chester and Crewe were amplified by that development around Manchester and a tunnel underneath river Mersey, linking Liverpool with Birkenhead (1886). The development of the chemical industries, focused on Port Sunlight (soap), Northwich (salt), Runcorn and lessened the reliance on textiles. The populace continued to grow, since much of the northern Cheshire has come to be a dormitory or overspill area for nearby Lancashire inner-city centres. The county once termed ‘the seed plot of Gentility’, nonetheless remains determined to maintain its history.

Are you from Cheshire and need to buy some logs online? You might want to try our superb kiln dried logs. As the name suggests, kiln dried logs have been dried up in a large chamber or kiln, to decrease moisture content to enable it to burn more effectively and cleanly. The more orthodox air-drying method of seasoning firewood is continuously prone to weather circumstances and can take close to three years to properly finish.

Why use us for your firewood log delivery service?

√  Buy Firewood direct online and pay using plastic. Most debit and credit cards accepted.

√  Secure checkout guaranteed. Bulk buy kiln dried wood and pay via PalPal or Apple Pay.

√  We’ve got options. Select your time slot your kiln dried log delivery.

√  Bulk firewood conveniently delivered on a pallet.

√  Select your firewood log size. Sizes available: small logs, medium logs and large logs for sale. Our size selection service will ensure you get the right logs for a wood burner (no matter how big or small your stove is!)

Kiln dried logs in bulk suitable for:

√  Keeping warm during winter months. Use in your open fire or wood burning stove.

√  Kiln dried firewood also perfect for the warmer months.  Ideal to to burn on your Firepit, Chimnea or Traditional Campfire.

√  We only feature 100% British kiln dried log bags.

√  Premium Firewood logs ideal for trade use in wood fired pizza ovens.

kiln dried log delivery | free firewood deliveryMany clients prefer the “aesthetic” of kiln dried firewood; since the logs are mainly silver birch, they have a habit of being more uniform in shape. This generates a neater stack, whether indoors or in your wood store or along your fireside.

Kiln dried wood offers you the kind of fire you have always wanted – beautiful, fast and hot. It produces an effective type of firewood log, many thanks to their low moisture content, which is usually below 20%. As there is less moisture, a lower amount of energy will be necessary to burn off this moisture, allowing more of the energy to be transformed into heat. Added to this, they are easy to set alight and they provide that crucial roaring flame.

One big benefit of kiln dried logs is that due to the fact that they burn hotter and efficiently, you need fewer logs to get the same output as green wood or barn dried seasoned logs. Furthermore, there is no extra drying time necessary, meaning that you can add them to your fire immediately once you get them. Additionally, as logs that have been kiln dried burn at a higher temperature, any sap and water retained within the wood is burned off, thus decreasing the likelihood of it leaving behind a residue of tar in your stove, which can eventually lead to it becoming less effective. We hope our information has helped you today, if so view our logs for sale online.

Our bulk bags are made up of a mixture of British hardwood logs from a natural thinning process. The typical firewood types are:

  • Kiln dried oak logs for sale
  • Kiln dried ash logs for sale
  • Kiln dried beech logs for sale

Bulk log bags are sold in Cubic Metres (m3). We sell our logs in volume rather than weight because most of the moisture has been removed through the kiln drying process. Buying logs in weight isn’t a good measure. E.g. a ton bag of logs could mean you get very few logs if they are saturated with moisture. Beyond our bulk bags, you can also buy individual smaller bags of logs stacked on a pallet.

Have we convinced you yet? Hopefully we have and you will buy firewood the convenient way from now. Order hardwood online then get your kiln dried hardwood logs delivered to your address. Why struggle loading your car at the supermarket or garage? Buying logs in small quantities is expensive. Having bulk firewood delivered is the best value for money way to buy logs. We can deploy a log delivery to any UK mainland address.

We are confident we’ve the best logs for your log burner. We may not have the cheapest kiln dried logs, but you get you pay for with logs. Remember when buying the best wood for burning, think ‘kiln dried logs’.

Firewood log delivery locations in Cheshire:


Acton, Acton Bridge (or Acton-in-Delamere), Adlington, Agden (Chester), Agden (Macclesfield), Alderley Edge, Aldersey, Aldford, Alsager, Allostock, Alpraham, Alvanley, Anderton with Marbury, Antrobus, Appleton (or Appleton Thorn), Arclid, Ashley, Ashton, Ashton Hayes, Astbury (or Newbold Astbury), Aston by Budworth, Aston by Sutton, Aston juxta Mondrum, Aston and Audlem.


Backford, Baddiley, Barnton, Beeston, Bexton, Bickerton, Blacon, Bollington, Bosley, Brereton, Brown Knowl, Broxton, Bruera, Bucklow Hill, Bunbury, Burton (near Neston), Burton (in Chester District, near Tarporley), Broken Cross and Byley.


Capenhurst, Chelford, Chester, Chorley (Macclesfield), Christleton, Churton, Clutton, Comberbach, Congleton, Cranage, Crewe, Crewe Green, Crowton and Cuddington.


Daresbury, Darnhall, Davenham, Delamere, Dawpool, Disley, Dodleston, Dunham-on-the-Hill and Dutton.


Eaton (near Macclesfield), Eccleston, Elworth, Ellesmere Port and Elton.


Farndon, Farnworth, Widnes and Frodsham.


Gawsworth, Goostrey, Grappenhall, Great Budworth, Great Sutton, Great Warford and Guilden Sutton.


Hale, Handforth, Handley, Hargrave, Hartford, Haslington, Hatherton, Helsby, Henbury, High Legh, Higher Whitley, Holmes Chapel, Hoole, Huntington and Huxley.




Kelsall, Kettleshulme, Kerridge, Kingsley and Knutsford.


Lacey Green, Langley, Lach Dennis, Latchford, Ledsham, Leftwich, Little Bollington, Little Budworth, Little Leigh, Little Neston, Little Sutton, Little Warford, Littleton, Lostock Gralam, Lower Peover, Lower Whitley, Lower Withington and Lymm.


Macclesfield, Malpas, Manley, Marston, Marthall, Marton, Medhurst Green, Mere, Mickle Trafford, Middlewich, Millington, Mobberley, Mollington, Moore, Mottram St. Andrew, Mouldsworth and Moulton.


Nantwich, Ness, Neston, Nether Alderley, Newbold Astbury (or Astbury), Newton, Norley, North Rode and Northwich,


Oakhanger, Oakmere, Ollerton, Over and Over Alderley.


Parkgate, Peckforton, Peover Inferior (Lower Peover), Peover Superior (Over Peover), Pickmere, Plemstall, Plumley, Pott Shrigley, Poynton, Prestbury, Preston Brook and Puddington.


Rainow, Rhuddall Heath, Rode Heath, Rostherne, Rowton, Rudheath, Runcorn and Rushton.


Saighton, Sandbach, Sandiway, Saughall, Scholar Green, Shocklach, Shotwick, Siddington, Snelson, Sproston, Stanthorne, Stapeley, Stoak, Stretton, Styal, Sutton Weaver (or Sutton, near Frodsham), Sutton (near Macclesfield) and Swettenham.


Tabley Inferior, Tabley Superior, Tarporley, Tarvin, Tatton, Tattenhall, Thornton-le-Moors, Threapwood, Thurlwood, Tilston, Timbersbrook, Tiverton, Toft, Tranmere and Tushingham.


Utkinton and Upton (or Upton-by-Chester).


Vicars Cross.


Warrington, Warmingham, Waverton, Weaverham, Wervin, Westminster, Weston (near Crewe), Weston (near Runcorn), Wettenhall, Wharton, Wheelock, Whitegate, Widnes, Willaston (near Nantwich), Willaston (near Neston), Wilmslow, Wimboldsley, Wincham, Winsford, Winterley, Wirral Peninsula, Wrenbury and Wybunbury.

Kiln dried log delivery to Crewe and Cheshire

We love deep conversation around a campfire, whilst watching kiln dried logs burn, there’s something about it!