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buy kiln dried logs for saleOur Logs are ready to burn because they’ve been Kiln Dried. Our recommendation of the day…buy your Kiln Dried Logs in warmer months to benefit from discounts.

Derbyshire can get cold, real cold. In 2010 the lowest temperature recorded in the area was minus 15 °C.  This was recorded in January 2010 in Crich, Derbyshire. Be prepared, why not stock up on some Kiln Dried Logs to keep you warm?

Derbyshire is popularly known as a hugely diverse county with town and city surrounded with amazing countryside, where work and play go hand in hand. Derbyshire’s premier city is known as Derby, which although has a long history, is still one of Britain’s youngest cities and was awarded its Charter in 1977 by Her Majesty, the Queen of England.

Derby is uniquely blessed with a gorgeous blend of artworks, endless tourism opportunities, multiple cultural venues and a city centre filled with walkways that make shopping very exciting.

Britain’s first public park in Derby is known as the Arboretum; it opened in the year 1840 when population growth and industrialisation increased the demand for public spaces. In 1970, about 100 years later, Elvaston Castle Country Park was also opened and this was indeed, the first of its kind.

The park’s layout has not changed much since its opening, apart from areas surrounding the Hall. The Hall was replaced by a landscaped terrace after being demolished in the 60’s. The Orangery, which by the way is now a listed building, still remains and the past stables of Markeaton Hall still remain too. These stables are now home to the Markeaton Craft Village, set up in 1987.

Derbyshire also claims to have the first national park in Britain – i.e. the Peak National Park which is at the southern end of the Pennines, lying between Sheffield city and Manchester city but with boundaries spread into different counties. The park is about 500 square miles with three quarters of it lying within Derbyshire itself.

Heading out of the city, there is a choice of busy towns with bustling markets and many picturesque villages located just by the city’s outskirts, such as Ashbourne, Bakewell and Chesterfield, surrounded with pristine a countryside as Buxton. This beautiful Georgian Spa town is situated in the centre of the Peak District and lays claim to having the best market place in the country.

Temperature drops in this part of the world are not uncommon in the winter. Therefore, it is vital to stock up on the best type of firewood available. FirewoodFund have kiln dried logs available to buy online and these are premium quality. Plus we provide free delivery to any home in Derby and elsewhere within the county of Derbyshire.

A kiln is needed in order to bring out the moisture content of the woods produced down to about 20% or less. This level of moisture helps to produce the highest heat output from the woods and this implies less logs. It also helps to reduce the smoke, the smell, ash and the tar produced.

Wood Fired Kilns produces very dry and ready-to-burn firewood, no matter how cold the winter, so you needn’t worry next time you run out of log supplies. These kilns are heated with heat from the sun and the waste wood created during firewood production makes the log drying process a carbon neutral one that is very sustainable. For top drawer fire wood, there’s only one name to turn to: FirewoodFund.

Reasons to choose Firewood Fund?

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Our bulk Kiln Dried Logs are suitable for:

√  Use in cooler winter months. Ideal for use on your wood burning stove or open fire.

√  Kiln dried logs also perfect for the warmer months. Perfect for using on your Chimnea, Firepit, or Campfire.

√  Log subscription perfect for Public Houses with an Open Fire or Wood Burning Stove.

√  Firewood logs ideal for trade use in Wood Fired Clay/Brick Pizza Ovens.



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Kiln Dried Logs – Derby & Derbyshire
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