Kiln Dried Ash Logs

Free UK delivery on orders over £100. We deliver kiln dried hardwood logs on a pallet to any address in the United Kingdom. 100% British hardwood supplied. Bulk bags typically include a mix of Beech, Oak and Ash logs. You can book your delivery day and select your log size when ordering. We even donate towards tree planting a tree in Great Britain for every order placed online.

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One of the Best Wood Choices = Kiln Dried Ash Logs

Ash is a clever choice because it’s a dense hardwood. This means that when it comes to creating a long burn, you can look forward to a steady fire providing impressive heat. It’s best when seasoned of course, but when turned into kiln-dried ash logs, this versatile wood will have most of its moisture taken out. In short, this will result in a cleaner, safer and more efficient burn. Ash is both hard and strong at the same time. What’s more, it carries excellent resistance and a high elasticity. And it’s worth remembering the wood ignites well. When looking for kiln-dried ash logs for sale, it’s important to plan ahead to ensure you have a good stock.

The Thriving Tree

Ash trees thrive best in a cool and warm climate in moist, well-drained soil, in areas providing plenty of direct sunlight. These trees create a substance similar to olive oil and which can be used in the treatment of stomach disorders. People in certain parts of Britain still use the bark of the ash tree today to treat warts on the skin. And the wood from an ash tree is also superb for the meat smoking process.

The wood from ash doesn’t carry many knots in its make up, so it will create fewer sparks than many other types of wood. It burns almost completely, leaving very little waste – always a bonus for your burner. Even better, it emits much less smoke than other woods, making it healthier both for you and the environment. It’s also exceptionally clean to handle. Now you’re beginning to see why our kiln-dried ash logs are so good.

Facts about the Ash Species

  • Ash sap wood is creamy white with its heartwood a greyish brown.
  • The genus is widespread across Europe, Asia and North America.
  • Its botanical name is Fraxinus nigra.
  • Ash trees grow to between 40 and 60 feet in height.
  • European ash trees are the most common.
  • The green ash is planted as a street tree in the United States.
  • Fraxinus species are dioecious, having male and female flowers on separate plants.
  • A few subtropical species are evergreen, so they don’t lose their leaves.
  • White ash is the largest of the ash species in America, with some growing very broad and as tall as 120 feet.
  • There are between 45 and 55 species of ash tree around the world.

Kiln-dried-ash-logsKiln-Dried Ash Logs for Sale

If you’re looking for kiln-dried ash logs for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Our logs are 100% hardwood, professionally kiln-dried and ready to give a safe and totally efficient burn whatever your requirements, and whatever the season. We can deliver at a time to suit you, and you’ll find the logs are very easy to store. And remember – because of the kiln drying process your logs will last much longer.

There’s little doubt when it comes to creating a glorious fire that kiln-dried ash logs will do the business every time. And of course, logs on sale at Firewoodfund are 100% hardwood and typically contain a mixture of ash, oak and beech logs.

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, there’s nothing like a safe and well-prepared fire, whether it be to spread warmth or put the finishing touches to great food. You may be out in the open or close to your modern burner, but wherever you are it’s essential to have the right fuel. When we talk about FirewoodFund, we allude to the best kiln-dried ash logs you can buy. In fact, we have a range of logs all ready to offer you the best possible burn. Their moisture content has been reduced by four fifths, to ensure longevity and efficiency, saving you both time and money in the long run. So what makes kiln dried ash firewood a good choice for a quality burn?