How to use smokeless coal in a multi fuel stove?

Using smokeless coal in a multi-fuel stove can be an efficient way to heat your home, but it requires specific steps and precautions to ensure safety and optimal performance. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to use smokeless coal in a multi-fuel stove.

How to use smokeless coal in a multi fuel stove?

1. Preparing the Stove

Before you start, ensure that your multi-fuel stove is clean from previous use. This helps in achieving a more efficient burn.

2. Laying the Base

Begin by laying a base of kindling in the stove. This will help to ignite the smokeless coal. Kindling should be arranged neatly for effective burning.

3. Adding Smokeless Coal

Once the kindling is in place, add a layer of smokeless coal. Spread the coal evenly across the kindling to facilitate proper airflow and efficient combustion.

4. Lighting the Fire

Use a natural firelighter to ignite the coal. It’s important to make sure that the air vents of the stove are fully open to supply the necessary oxygen for combustion.

5. Monitoring and Adjusting Air Vents

After lighting the fire, the stove’s air vents can be used to control the burn. Initially, keep them fully open to establish the fire. Once the fire is burning well, you can adjust the vents to control the airflow and thus the intensity of the fire.

6. Choosing the Right Coal

Not all smokeless coals are equal. Some types, like anthracite, are known for their clean-burning properties and efficiency. They are denser and might be harder to light but offer a longer and hotter burn.

7. Avoiding Common Mistakes

  • Never burn wet or damp smokeless coal as it leads to inefficient burning and can damage the stove and flue.
  • Avoid burning the coal at a very low rate overnight, as this can increase smoke and moisture emission.
  • Make sure the coal you use is suitable for multi-fuel stoves and smoke control areas.

8. After Use Care

After the fire has ended, allow the stove to cool down completely. Then, clean it thoroughly to prepare it for the next use.

Environmental and Health Considerations

Smokeless coal burns with fewer emissions compared to traditional house coal, making it a better choice for both the environment and your health. Its reduced smoke output is particularly beneficial in smoke control areas.

By following these steps and guidelines, you can efficiently and safely use smokeless coal in your multi-fuel stove. Remember, the key aspects are proper preparation, using the right type of coal, and adjusting the air vents to control the burn.