How to get rid of pallets?

A guide to recycling or disposing of an old pallet

How to get rid of pallets

Delivering those all-important kiln-dried logs to you as compactly and efficiently as possible has always been our passion. It’s one of the reasons why utilising pallets is both economical and practical in many cases. Customers often ask us how to get rid of the pallet when it is surplus to requirement. What you shouldn’t do is break it up to use as extra firewood, and certainly not as kindling. Why? Because there are so many different ways of ensuring the pallet is intelligently recycled in one way or another — and it will help other people and the environment.

How to get get rid of pallet(s) responsibly:

It just takes a little extra time and effort to do your bit in terms of putting something back into the world around you by recycling a pallet. In fact, it could also benefit you in ways you never thought possible domestically, often bringing colour and originality to your surroundings. But before we look in more depth at what’s possible, FirewoodFund have a great recommendation by giving other individuals the chance to use your old pallet.

You may not know but used pallets are actually worth between £5 and £15 each. So, here’s how to easily get rid of your old pallet:

  1. Take a quick photo of your pallet or pallets.
  2. Post it on Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree for a small fee or available free (recommended).
  3. Wait for someone to take up your offer and collect the pallet(s) themselves.
  4. Place somewhere safe on your property where someone can easily collect. 

We’ve actually got rid of lots of pallets this way ourselves, and interested parties often collect within a few hours of any posting going up. It really works and doesn’t take up much time in the process. But if you’re feeling really generous, why not just leave any pallets at the front of your property in a safe place, marking them free for collection. Again, someone will probably take them within a short space of time. Problem solved.

10 ideas for upcycling a pallet:

Stand by to be amazed — there are some pretty innovative 21st century ways to upcycle a pallet for those feeling a little adventurous. And it’s fun as you’ll see.

1) Shoe rack made from a pallet

A shoe rack can prove very handy with room for lots of footwear — it might look good in your utility or boot-room. It’s a terrific way of keeping things tidy and saving valuable space.

shoe-rack-made-from-a-pallet-how to get rid of pallets

Photo credit: Pinterest.

2) Pallets used to construct a sofa

It won’t take much physical effort to assemble a super sofa for a conservatory, sun room or living room. You can build it up of course, and with the right furnishings and cushions it could look hip and trendy.


3) Pallet converted into a wine rack

How about a wonderful wine rack for those special bottles at home? With a little bit of varnish, it could all look really impressive mounted in a variety of ways. Ingenuity at its best.


Photo credit:

4) Coffee table made from two old pallets

Charismatic coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes — in just a short space of time you can use wood from your pallets to create a little work of art to brighten any room around the house. And why not attach wheels to make it even more versatile and attractive?

How to get rid of a pallet-upcycling-idea-coffee-table

5) A wall mounted pallet planter

The perfect planter can be produced with just a little imagination and a taste for lovely sweet-smelling blooms. Ideal for a garden, patio or indeed that special sun room. Your planter can be packed with an array of flowers or well-selected greenery, and looks great mounted.


Photo credit:

6) Shelving made from a pallet

Wood from those pallets is simply ideal for original-looking shelves or nick-knack holders, and they don’t take much putting up. Why not dare to be different and take the plunge into pallet power?


7) A swing made from a pallet and some rope 

Making a swing offers a superb way of upcycling to offer daily fun and interest. Just ensure you have strong rope and take time to hoist your work of art in the safest possible place, testing it thoroughly before use. Just another one of many upcycling ideas to brighten up lives and enlighten the environment.


Photo credit: Pinterest.

8) A floor-standing pallet planter

You have the tools to make bold garden statements standing out from the crowd, from the more simplistic to pieces for plants taking creative effort and a bit more time. The results can be awe-inspiring for a garden or patio. It’s a nice feeling being original.

Planters-made-from-pallets-how to get rid of pallets

9) Table and chairs made from several pallets 

Great garden furniture in no time at all is an achievable goal by using your pallets constructively — from strong tables to ornamental stands, and sofas to seating. The world is your oyster.


10) Floor standing bookshelf made from a deconstructed pallets 

Books look even more beautiful when set into a free-standing bookshelf made from pallets. It won’t take much to come up with your own design, and you won’t be able to take your eyes off it.


In fact, the list is endless, so why not let your creativity run wild with your upcycling ideas?

Whatever you choose to do, it’s certain the environment will benefit fully in the long run from your original stock of kiln-dried logs. With pallet power everybody wins.

Frequently asked questions regarding how to get rid of pallets:  

How can I recycle my pallet?

Remember those options mentioned earlier in our useful guide — or you could look up a local pallet recycler — there are plenty of them around. They may actually pay you for supplying pallets of a certain size and, who knows, this could become a regular association. Ensure, however, you get the right details from them, as some may charge you for taking them away. It’s important to do lots of research — after all, knowledge is pallet power.

How can I dismantle a pallet?

Doing this manually will mean carefully taking the pallet apart, plank by plank, using a crowbar to gently prise the nailed planks safely apart one at a time. You can then knock out supporting blocks with a hammer, before carefully removing the bent nails. At this point you should be able to methodically prize those planks apart with little effort. You could also use a Sawzall tool or special hand-held reciprocating saw to take the pallet apart in less than half the time, while taking all necessary safety precautions. The remaining wood will then be left to either be disposed of in an eco-friendly way or used to make other handy items.

Who will pick up my pallets?

As we’ve previously mentioned, it’s surprising who will take your wood pallet or pallets away if you leave them at the front of your property with a clear note. Likewise, there are lots of people willing to offer you cash from an internet posting. Why not give it a try? The result could be very pleasing all round.

Is my pallet worth money?

The Answer is yes, of course, and between £5 and £15 per pallet is pretty useful pocket money these days. It could all become part of your ongoing firewood stock budget.

Can I burn my old pallet?

It’s only safe to burn pallets that haven’t been treated or have paint or any other chemical substances on them. We recommend however, you do this only as a last possible resort as there are so many ways of helping the environment by upcycling a wooden pallet. What you don’t want to do is create extra harmful smoke or even damage your burner or chimney.

How do I tell if my wood pallet has been treated?

You can sometimes see coloured paint or other substances on the wood, which probably means it’s been thoroughly treated. Sometimes there will be initials on the wood pallet or the capitals MB, which also means the wood has been treated. The best advice is take time to check. You are always better off using bags of kiln dried hardwood logs for keeping warm.

Are pallets weatherproof?

If you’re thinking of using your old pallets for upcycling, especially outdoors, it’s probably best to weatherproof them. Though they are certainly sturdy and resilient, the elements will get to them in the end, so taking time to do this will be of great benefit in the long run. It’s probably best to avoid coloured pallets for creating indoor furniture.

Do pallets rot?

In truth, it can happen to pallets left outside for a very long time — though, as we’ve mentioned, they are generally quite sturdy. But if you’re upcycling it won’t do any harm to weatherproof them with a quality product, and there are plenty on the market.

What happens to old pallets?

In these days of recycling a pallet, there are a number of things that can happen, including recovery for repair and re-use, transformation into wood fibre products or even using them for landscaping and garden mulch. It’s a changing world out there for sure and, for passionate bulk firewood people like us, it’s great to see people taking responsibility when getting rid of pallets.