Can you use firelighters in a wood burning stove?

When it comes to operating a wood-burning stove efficiently, many homeowners question the best practices for igniting and maintaining a stable, safe fire. A common query that arises is: “Can you use firelighters in a wood burning stove?” The simple answer is yes, you can use firelighters in a wood burning stove, and doing so can greatly enhance the ease of starting your fire while ensuring that it gets going quickly and safely.

Can you use firelighters in a wood burning stove?

What Are Firelighters?

Firelighters are small, combustible blocks or sticks made from materials such as wax, sawdust, and kerosene. They are designed to burn at a high temperature for a prolonged period, making them ideal for igniting wood or coal in stoves, fireplaces, and barbecues.

Benefits of Using Firelighters in a Wood Burning Stove

1. Efficiency in Ignition

Firelighters offer a quick and efficient method to start a fire. They catch fire easily and burn long enough to ignite logs or coal, significantly reducing the time it takes to build a successful fire.

2. Reduced Kindling Need

Typically, starting a wood fire requires a substantial amount of small twigs or kindling. By using a firelighter, you reduce the need for kindling, as these products are capable of igniting larger pieces of wood directly.

3. Safety

Using firelighters can be safer than alternative methods, such as using newspaper or homemade starters, which may not burn as predictably or evenly. Firelighters produce a steady flame and do not cause unexpected flare-ups.

4. Convenience

Firelighters are compact, easy to store, and have a long shelf life. This makes them a convenient option for wood stove owners who want to ensure they can quickly start a fire whenever needed.

How to Use Firelighters in a Wood Burning Stove

To use wax firelighters effectively in your wood burning stove, follow these steps:

  1. Preparation: Ensure your wood stove is clean and that any ash from previous fires has been removed. Open any air vents to improve airflow.
  2. Placement: Place one or two firelighters on the base of your stove. Arrange small pieces of dry wood or kindling around and above the firelighter. Make sure not to overcrowd the space, as air needs to circulate to fuel the flames.
  3. Ignition: Light the eco firelighters using a long match or a lighter. Keep the stove door slightly open to ensure adequate airflow during the initial burning phase.
  4. Adding Fuel: Once the kindling has caught fire and is burning steadily, gradually add larger pieces of wood to build up your fire. Adjust the stove’s air controls to manage the burn rate and heat output.

Safety Tips and Best Practices

  • Use Recommended Products: Only use firelighters that are specifically recommended for use in wood burning stoves. Avoid using firelighters designed for barbecue grills, as these might contain chemicals that are not suitable for indoor burning.
  • Ventilation: Ensure your room is well-ventilated when lighting the fire and throughout the burning process.
  • Storage: Store firelighters in a cool, dry place away from any combustibles.
  • Follow Manufacturer Instructions: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for both the firelighters and your wood burning stove.


In conclusion, using firelighters in a wood burning stove is not only acceptable but recommended for those seeking a safe, efficient, and convenient method to ignite their fires. They provide a reliable solution that can help enhance the overall experience of using your wood burning stove. Whether you are a novice or an experienced stove user, incorporating firelighters into your routine can make the process of lighting and maintaining a fire much simpler and more enjoyable.