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Here at FirewoodFund, we’ve the finest Kiln Dried Firewood available to buy online.

buy-70-bag-pallet-of-kiln-dried-firewood-logs-discounts-free-deliveryWe all lead such busy lives, right? So don’t waste your valuable time searching for a supplier to buy logs from + excessively loading your Wood Burning Stove with fuel. A House is a Home (a place to relax) … not a Steam Train, right? Our supreme logs available to buy will help (a) make your life easy and (b) keep you warm for longer. Below we’ve taken time to explain why:

√  Our website only features Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs to buy, these  burn slowly. Cheaper softwood logs burn quickly due to less fuel density.


√  Our Hardwood Logs omit more heat than the cheaper alternatives containing higher moisture content.

I know what you are thinking ‘such a helpful bunch at Firewood Fund’. Well yes we are!, so we’ve also outlined a couple of mistakes people make when they first start using a Wood / Multi Fuel Stove.

Chopping your own wood: 

Eliminating a Firewood bulk buy, seems like a good idea Financially however the reality is, you can spend a lifetime chopping wood and the chances are that you will be chopping soft wood that burns incredibly quickly. Chopping wood is also very dangerous and will consume electricity, petrol and blades. With this in mind, we’d suggest sticking to what you are good at and leaving the art of wood cutting to a commercial saw mill operation. Be safe and buy logs using money earned from your skill/extra hours put in at your workplace. Logs can literally cost you an arm and a leg.

Burning waste wood: 

People often think burning old waste products such as pallets, bed frames and fence posts is a great way to save money, it can be however there are risks associated with this. The first being risk of damaging your Stove. Most waste wood has been treated or painted therefore when you burn it, it can burn at a much higher temperature than natural wood. Most household stoves are not designed to burn at incredibly high temperatures and can crack, if you abuse them. The second risk is toxic fumes entering your property. Stoves that have poor draw, are heavily used and are unserviced can increase risk of unwanted fumes entering your home. Burning treated/painted wood significantly increases risk of damaging the rope seal (between the door and main stove structure) and toxic fumes entering your property. Burning waste wood will also generate an unpleasant smell in your home. So make the right decision and buy logs from a dedicated Firewood supplier.

We trust the above information has been informative, please check out the services and logs available to buy by clicking the ‘shop’ tag below: