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As the leaves start to fall or disappear completely, and with colder months fast approaching, it’s not surprising how quickly our focus turns to making the most of what we’ve got. It’s no secret that heating our homes over the colder months sees a growth in more than just our outgoing expenditure – as a nation, our carbon footprint soars as we snuggle down and keep cosy.

Luckily, here at Firewood Fund, we appreciate and understand your need for real energy efficiency – our pug-keeping-warm-for-pagelogs are all kiln dried which gives longer burning times, higher heat output per log ratios, and leave you needing to spend less to achieve that same rosy glow all winter through.

If you’re a seasoned kiln enthusiast, you’ll have learned firsthand that overly processed firewood arriving in perfectly uniform pieces of straight grain wood is much less likely to be from a sustainable source than firewood that comes in slightly less uniform, ever-so-crooked pieces. Not to mention, you need to use an awful lot more to fire up any sort of lasting heat!

Firewood Fund logs might look a little rough around the edges, but when it comes to your conscience, this rough and ready appearance only works in your favour!

Firewood that comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes is more likely to be from over-mature trees that can be easily harvested without causing lasting damage to the ecosystem around them. Plus, a ‘rough and ready’ log means much more of each individual tree has been used, meaning less waste and a greener way to burn wood in your home.



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