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Welcome to the online shop to browse Bulk Logs For Sale. Free delivery to Gloucester and all other Gloucestershire addresses.

buy kiln dried logs for saleOur Firewood Logs are ready to use, because they’ve been Kiln Dried. Our tip of the week, buy your Firewood in warmer seasons to receive discounts and deals on your wood.

The folk at Firewood Fund have a real passion for fine logs. Therefore, if you’re after kiln dried logs, then you could do no better than to check out ours which are for sale online right now.

Order from our online store today and we’ll make sure you get these unbeatable logs delivered on your doorstep in Gloucester or, in fact, anywhere within Gloucestershire. Now that’s what you call a top notch service!

You are probably thinking, ‘what makes you guys have the best kiln dried logs?’ Well, here are just some of the reasons why…

√  Buy Firewood direct online. Pay using your credit/debit card.

√  Checkout securely via Paypal or Stripe when bulk buying logs.

√  Flexible options. Bulk logs for sale (as a one time purchase) Or save towards your Log Delivery.

√   Our faithful customers regularly leave outstanding feedback with regards to our service

√   We provide free bulk delivery each and every time you order to your doorstep in Gloucester

√   Our logs bring about a long-lasting and very sustainable heat source to your home.

√   We have only the very best English bulk logs for sale.

Kiln Dried Logs in bulk suitable for:

√  Winter use in your wood burning stove or open fire.

√  Kiln dried logs also perfect for summer use on your Firepit, Chimnea or Traditional Campfire.

√  Firewood ideal for commercial use in Wood Fired Clay/Brick Pizza Ovens.

√  Log subscription perfect for Public Houses with an Open Fire or Wood Burning Stove.


With winter in full swing, we are aware that it gets pretty cold in Gloucester. Don’t delay it any longer, opt for some of our kiln dried logs and start to feel cosy in your home again.


Are you on the lookout for a local Wood Burning Stove supplier as well as for Bulk Logs For Sale?

That’s great because we have listed a local supplier who is nearby to your home address:


Severn Fireplaces & Woodburners

7A Northbrook Rd,



Need some inspiration when choosing your Wood Burning Stove?

We love burning our Kiln Dried Logs on a Stovax stove:


Bulk Logs For Sale – Gloucester
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