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buy kiln dried logs for saleOur Kiln Dried Logs are ready to burn, so can be used straight away. If you’ve a wood store, we recommend buying your Firewood in warmer months to benefit from discounts.

Why Firewood Fund?

√  Buy Firewood direct online. Pay using your credit/debit card.

√  Checkout securely via Paypal or Stripe when bulk buying logs.

√  Flexible options. Bulk logs for sale (as a one time purchase) Or save towards your Log Delivery.

Kiln Dried Logs in bulk suitable for:

√  Winter use in your wood burning stove or open fire.

√  Kiln dried logs also perfect for summer use on your Firepit, Chimnea or Traditional Campfire.

√  Firewood ideal for commerical use in Wood Fired Clay/Brick Pizza Ovens.

√  Log subscription perfect for Public Houses with an Open Fire or Wood Burning Stove.

Some information about Essex: 

Essex, originally a rural a county, but its border with London has resulted in south west areas like Harlow and Basildon, having more of a urban London feel to it. Not surprising considering how much London has expanded post World War 2.

Interestingly, Essex has more in common with woodland than you may think. In medieval times it was actually declared a Royal Forest. The purpose of Royal Forests was to let Deer and Game thrive as they are dependant on the Forest environment. There was no visiting Waitrose or Tesco back then, so hunting was the only option! The woodland would have also been useful as a form of fuel and shelter.

Anyhow enough of the history lesson and facts. Looking for Firewood? Well you are in the right place. Buy logs online today and have delivered to your address in Essex. Whether you live in Colchester, Southend or any village in between, FirewoodFund can help you. Take a look at our Bulk Logs For Sale by clicking the button below:


On the hunt for a local Fireplace or Wood Burning Stove shop?

We’ve listed the address of one local to your area:


Derrick Andrews Wood Burners and Fuels

Marks Hall Road



Unsure about which brand of Wood Burning Stove to burn your Kiln Dried Logs on?

Check out the Stovax range, we love their vast range of designs:

Bulk Logs For Sale – Colchester & Essex
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