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buy kiln dried logs for saleThe destination to browse Bulk Logs For Sale Online. Firewood delivered free to Southhampton and Hampshire.

Our Firewood Logs are ready to burn because they’ve been Kiln Dried. Top tip, buy your Firewood in warmer months to benefit from discounts.

Why choose us for Kiln Dried Logs?

√  Buy Firewood direct online. Pay using your credit/debit card.

√  Flexible options. Bulk logs for sale (as a one time purchase) Or save towards your Log Delivery.

√  Checkout securely via Paypal or Stripe when bulk buying logs.

Our Kiln Dried Logs are suitable for:

√  Winter use in your wood burning stove or open fire.

√  Log subscription perfect for Public Houses with an Open Fire or Wood Burning Stove.

√  Kiln dried logs also perfect for summer use on your Firepit, Chimnea or Traditional Campfire.

√  Firewood ideal for commercial use in Wood Fired Clay/Brick Pizza Ovens.

The finest bulk Logs for sale online, delivered to Southhampton and anywhere else within Hampshire.

Also known (controversially) as the ‘County of Southampton’, Hampshire is the most populated ceremonial county in England – around about half of the county’s population lives within its two main cities.

Going as far back as the medieval times Hampshire has always been of great importance to the United Kingdom’s import/export trade as Portsmouth and Southampton, two of Europe’s biggest ports, are located in the area.

When it comes to tourism, ‘the New Forest’ is a particular attraction – bringing in visitors from all of over the world, which makes up a significant part of the county’s tourism income. In the earlier part of the 20th century Hampshire made a lot of money through agriculture, particularly dairy farming – although this has gradually been on the decline.

Hampshire also plays host to four different universities – the University of Southampton, Southampton Solent University, the University of Portsmouth and the University of Winchester.

Whether you’re based in Winchester, Southampton, Basingstoke or anywhere inbetween we’ve got solutions to help you keep your house and your loved ones warm at night.

It makes great economic sense to use a logburner or an open fire to keep your home heated, that’s why so many of us across the UK are doing it. However, while it’s more affordable than other sources, wood can still cost – and, let’s face it, life is expensive enough without making a bulk payment for a delivery of logs.

Here at Firewood Fund we give you the option to save up monthly towards the cost of your wood  – and then, when you’re ready, we’ll tick all the boxes and arrange a smooth delivery on a day that suits you. Meaning that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

If you’d rather make a one-off payment for a one-off order we can help with that too, simply give us your address and payment details. Then we’ll get your wood delivered to your doorstep (not literally as that could cause on problems) on a day that works for you.

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On the look out for a local Fireplace or Stove supplier as well as Bulk Logs For Sale?

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Unsure about which Wood Burning Stove to invest in?

We highly recommend burning our Kiln Dried Logs on a Stovax stove.

Bulk Logs For Sale – Southhampton and Hampshire
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