100% British Hardwood Logs

Here at the Firewood Fund we believe British is best. That’s why all of our firewood is 100% British hardwood, sustainably sourced from British woodland.

grown in BritainWhat makes our wood sustainable?

British woodland is really important to us, not only is it part of our much-loved landscape, it’s also at the heart of our business. That’s why all of our firewood is responsibly sourced and felled as part of a sustainable thinning process.

Woodland that is created specifically for the purpose of firewood and furniture tends to have trees that are planted very close together. Once these trees reach an age of about 10-15 years, they begin to compete for light and growing space.

The thinning process targets the weaker, less mature trees in the woodland (that are typically too small for the furniture industry). This leaves room for the stronger trees to grow and develop, as well as creating space and light for other plants on the woodland floor.

Once the thinning process has begun at a specific woodland, it will generally be carried out every 7-10 years to continue to take out the weaker trees.

100% Hardwood

All of the firewood we source is not only 100% British, but it’s also 100% hardwood too. Each and every one of our firewood bags will contain a mix of British hardwood logs.

Why a mix of hardwood? Although we specifically target weaker trees in woodland, we do not target any one species of hardwood, for the purposes of sustainability. If just one type of hardwood is targeted, it creates an un-sustainable demand for that species.

So, what’s in the bag?

Typically, our bags of firewood will contain a mix of Ash, Beech and Oak hardwood logs.

Why is it important to choose British firewood?

As well as supporting the British firewood industry and responsible log sourcing, it’s also important to choose British firewood to protect our woodlands from disease. Many online firewood retailers import their logs from Eastern Europe (often distinguishable by the fact that they are sold in wooden crates).

Imported logs could be carrying pests and diseases from the continent, across our borders. These pests and diseases have the potential to devastate our woodland and biosecurity. Choosing responsible, British suppliers ensures the safety of our environment, as well as our wood producing industries.