The Best Wood for Fire Pits

Best Wood for Fire Pits The best wood to use in a fire pit or a chiminea is kiln dried hardwood logs. Hardwood logs will offer the longest burn because of the density of the wood species. Choosing kiln dried logs, rather than seasoned ones, will give you a clean burn with minimal smoulder as the moisture content of the wood has been effectively reduced as part of the kiln drying process. Using scrap wood that you have laying around or cheap seasoned firewood may seem like a convenient option for your fire pit or chiminea but you’re likely going to find it difficult to establish a good, clean burning fire with that type of firewood. Not to mention the potential of filling your back garden with lots of smoke!

Best logs for fire pits and Chimineas – delivered free

Our kiln dried logs are 100% British hardwood and have a less than 20% moisture content. Our bulk bags typically contain a mix of Ash, Beech and Oak logs. Our logs are delivered on a pallet, to any address in the United Kingdom, and you can book your delivery day when ordering. We even plant a tree in Great Britain for every order placed online.

Wood for Firepits

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  • 5 boxes of logs

    5x Boxes of Kiln Dried Logs

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  • Firepit & Pizza Oven Log Bags

    10x Firepit & Pizza Oven Log Bags

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  • 0.8m3-kiln-dried-log-delivery-premium-firewood

    0.8m3 Bulk Bag of Kiln Dried Logs

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    30x Bags of Kiln Dried Logs

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    1.2m3 Bulk Bag of Kiln Dried Logs

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    1.6m3 Bulk Bag of Kiln Dried Logs

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    50x Bags of Kiln Dried Logs

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    80x Bags of Kiln Dried Logs

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Firewood Bundles

  • 0.8m3-kiln-dried-logs-bundle

    0.8m3 Firewood Bag Bundle

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  • 30-bag-kiln-dried-firewood-bundle

    30x Bag Firewood Bundle

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  • 1.2m3-kiln-dried-firewood-bundle

    1.2m3 Firewood Bag Bundle

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  • 1.6m3-kiln-dried-firewood-bundle

    1.6m3 Firewood Bag Bundle

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Kindling & Firelighters 

  • Box of 24 natural firelighters

    Flamer Firelighters (Pack of 24)

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  • Kindling

    Box of Kindling

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  • Flamers firelighters pack of 50

    Flamer Firelighters (Pack of 50)

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  • 200-flamer-firelighter-box

    Flamer Firelighters (Pack of 200)

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Why our kiln dried logs are perfect for fire pits and chimineas

Our kiln dried logs are cut to size and are available in a variety of lengths, making them suitable for most fire pits and medium to large sized chimineas (if you have a small chiminea, with a small opening, you may need to source specially cut small logs). The log lengths we offer are 25cm, 35cm and 50cm, meaning you can choose the right size and quantity of wood for your fire pit. The kiln drying process we use to ensure our logs have a less than 20% moisture content means they burn cleanly with minimal smoke. Because of this low moisture content, lighting your fire pit or chiminea should be much easier compared to using regular seasoned logs with higher moisture levels. The British hardwood species that we use source for our logs also provide you with a longer burn, meaning you can sit back and relax around the fire pit without having to pop a log on every five minutes.

Convenient log delivery service

We securely package our logs onto a pallet before delivering them to you. This means that they can be conveniently delivered, without the hassle of a truckload of firewood being tipped onto your driveway. We offer two log package options for delivery:
  • small batches of wrapped, log packages
  • large, bulk bag orders.


Our commitment to sustainable British firewood

All of our logs are sourced from British woodland, using a responsible thinning process – smaller, weaker trees are removed to allow more space and light for the rest of the woodland to thrive. We do not believe in importing firewood logs from Eastern European countries thousands of miles away, especially as this can present a biohazard for UK woodland. If you place an order for one of our bulk bags of firewood, you will also receive a prepaid envelope that allows you to free-post the bulk bag back for recycling (please be aware that this service is not available for the small log packages).

Best types of wood for fire pits

The best types of wood to use for fire pits and pizza ovens are hardwood species, including oak, ash and beech.

What not to burn in a fire pit

If you’re creating a cosy fire in your back garden to relax around and enjoy, there are fuels and items that you should avoid using on your fire. Not only will they provide you with less than optimal results, they can be potentially harmful to you and your surrounding environment too.
  • Poorly seasoned firewood or ‘green wood’ – this will most likely kick out a lot of smoke and pollutants
  • Treated wood – anything painted, laminated, creosote soaked, pressure or chemically treated should not be put on a back garden fire.
  • Rubbish – keep your fire pit or chiminea clean and leave the rubbish in the bin
  • Lighter fluid or other accelerants – these can get out of hand quickly, we recommend creating a manageable fire with our kindling and firelighters.

How to light the perfect fire in your fire pit or chiminea

  1. Place a fire lighter (or a couple if you have a large fire pit) in the centre of your fire pit or chiminea.
  2. Place two bits of kindling either side of the fire lighter(s).
  3. Stack two more bits of kindling, in the opposite direction to the previous two, on top (leaving a gap at the centre of the stack).
  4. Create a third layer of kindling, stacked in the alternate direction to the previous, if you feel your fire pit or chiminea requires it.
  5. If you have only placed one fire lighter in the centre of your stack so far, you may wish to place another one at a strategic point under your kindling stack.
  6. Light your fire lighters, always starting with the furthest away from you first.
  7. Allow the fire to take hold of the kindling.
  8. Carefully place a log on top of the kindling stack once you are happy there is a stable flame established.
  9. Allow the log to take flame properly before adding any further the logs to the fire, to prevent smothering it.
  10. Add more logs to the fire as needed.