21 of the best wood burning stoves


So you’d like to join the many thousands of people enjoying the luxury of their own wood burning stove. If this is the case, planning your own individual requirements will be all important. Will it be used in a larger property or smaller dwelling? Which room would you place the burner in? Do you need a compact burner for a shed or outbuilding? Will you be able to sort a regular kiln dried log delivery? Once you’ve established all of this, the exciting task of searching out the appliance can begin. And with so many modern models to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. With this in mind, here’s our guide to the top 21 wood burning stoves on the market. Enjoy!

Traditional wood burning stoves:

1: The Superb Stovax Huntingdon Wood Burning Stove


£1529.95, Direct Stoves.

With an energy efficiency rating of A plus and a power rating range between 7kW – 9kW, you can’t go wrong with the Huntingdon wood burning stove. The wood burning version has a solid, cast iron base and no ash pan – fully DEFRA approved, there are five versions to choose from and they’ll make any area of your property look just great with a clear stove window and Gothic styling. Prices range from £700 to £2,000.

2: How About That Stovax Sheraton Wood Burning Stove?


Buy Now – £974.95, Direct Stoves.

With its simple design and modern look, this is a show-stealer of a stove made out of cast iron and heavy gauge steel. What’s more, it has a nominal heat output and range set between 5kW and 7kW – and a wood burning fuel efficiency of 78 per cent. Not forgetting it’s smoke control area approved and ergonomically structured. The Stovax Sheraton wood burning stove range is priced from just under £1,000 to a little over £2,000.

3: You’ll Love The Stovax Brunel Wood Burning Stove.


Buy Now – £1,675.00, Stoves Are Us.

It is available in two sizes, with an 84 per cent heat efficiency and 4 to 6kW rating, this compact beauty will steal your heart. Made out of cast iron, it features air wash to keep the glass window clear. You’ll need a budget of between £800 and £1,200.

4: This Stovax Stockton Wood Burning Stove Is A Hot Seller.

Best wood-burning-stove-stovax stockton

£975.00, Direct Stoves. 

It’s got a big heart and a big power output of up to 7kW, being approved by DEFRA and able to heat the loftiest of rooms. Its class A energy efficiency is impressive at up to 80 per cent and it also takes larger logs for convenience. This exciting range is priced from £800 to £2,300.

5: The Angelic Arada Ecoburn Plus 5.

Arada-Ecoburn-Plus Best Wood Burning Stove

Buy Now – £950,  Direct Stoves. 

A DEFRA approved stove, costing around £750 and with an impressive offering of up to 5kW power, its steel body is strong and attractive. It’s no surprise to find an A energy rating with an efficiency of 80.3 per cent. With a lifetime guarantee, this would make an excellent investment.

6: A Charismatic Clearview Vision 500 Multi-fuel Stove.

clearview-vision-wood-burning-stoveHow about this for quality? You’ll need a budget of £1,500 to get this power output of 8kW and an A energy rating. It has a steel body and lots of class. But remember – this burner is suitable for use in DEFRA Smoke Control Areas when fitted with the optional smoke control kit, which must be selected when ordering as it is not an after-market fitment. A great long term buy.

7: ESSE 700 Vista DEFRA Approved Multi Fuel Stove.


Introducing the ESSE 700 Vista DEFRA Approved Multi Fuel Stove. A giant of a burner, delivering a mighty 10.5 kW of power and an energy rating of A, meeting 78.5 per cent heat efficiency. No wonder it can warm a large room quickly with kiln dried logs. Its steel frame will last a lifetime and it looks wonderfully stylish. Prices start at just under £1,300 for the burner with a signature arch.

8: Sealing the Deal with the AGA Little Wenlock Classic SE Wood Burning/Multi-fuel Stove.

AGA-Little-Wenlock-Classic-SE-Best Wood-Burning Stove

It may be compact and DEFRA approved, but with a power range reaching 4.7 kW and a cast iron construction, it’s a small burner with a big heart. Priced at just under £795, it comes with an energy rating of A, multi-fuel grate and high burning efficiency when burning small logs

9: Playing To The Gallery Classic Wood Burning Stove.


An excellent wood burner with classic white or matt black eco-designed style and price tag of £944.95, you can’t fail to be impressed with this DEFRA-approved gem. A heat output of up to 5kW is more than enough to satisfy your needs, offering superb value for money.

Contemporary wood burning stoves:

10: A Mouth-watering EKOL Apple Pie Eco Design Wood Stove.


With cast iron construction and a 21st century look, this is ideal for compact spaces with an output of 4kW and high heat efficiency. For just under £800, this DEFRA-approved, small wood burner can become the apple of your eye.

11: Savouring The Saltfire ST 2 Multi-Fuel DEFRA-approved Stove.

Saltfire-ST2-Best Multi Fuel Stove

This gorgeous wood burner is incredibly advanced, with easy to use controls and a power output reaching 5kW. It’ll set you back just under £600, but you’ll get an A plus rating and a high efficiency burn when using kiln dried firewood. Carrying steel construction and a pleasing design, this would be a superb buy.

12: Excellence Is The Esse 350 SE Contemporary Inset Multifuel Stove.


It’s DEFRA approved and perfect for an overnight burn, with its A plus energy rating and a 72 per cent heat efficiency mark. Reaching an output of 5kW, it has a steel body and a brilliant look, priced at around £710.

13: The sumptuous Stovax – Studio Freestanding Wood Burning Stove.


Amazingly stylish, incorporating the very latest in eco-design and heating efficiency, and with a low glass top plate and a large log storage area, this represents the best in contemporary wood burning stoves. It has an A energy rating mark, reaching 5kW output comfortably. There’s an impressive range to choose from but you’ll need a budget of at least £2,000.

14: The Sensational Stovax – View 3 Wood Burning Stove.


How about the View range from Stovax, with heating efficiency up to a massive 86 per cent and an energy rating placed in class A? The View 3 is DEFRA approved, easily reaching 3.75kW, and it comes with multi-fuel capacity and a steel body.

15: Simply Stovax – Vogue Wood Burning Stove.


Fully compliant with 21st century eco-design efficiency, the Small T is a lovely wood burner and multi-fuel stove; tall, highly efficient and DEFRA approved. Cast iron constructed and comfortably reaching 5kW, it’s contemporary with a brilliant firewood log burning potential. Expect to pay between £900 and £1,500.

16: Stovax – Elise Freestanding Wood Burning Stove.


How about ultra-green combustion technology in your DEFRA-approved modern wood burning stove? Some 5kW of energy, meeting 83 per cent heating efficiency levels, freestanding, an A plus rating and with steel or glass fronted versions makes the 540 and the rest of the range stand out. Price tags run from £1,900 to £2,500.

17: The Heavenly Hunter Herald Allure 04 Ecodesign Wood Stove.


A flagship stove costing £759 and carrying 5kW of super power with a high heating efficiency to boot and a contemporary look. Great for small to medium homes, it has an A plus energy rating and is fully approved by DEFRA. Cast in steel, you’ll get a 10-year guarantee with this wood burning stove.

18: Excelling With The Ekol Baked Apple Pie EcoDesign Wood Stove.


It’s described as the Swiss army knife of wood stoves – it looks great and futuristic – DEFRA approved and costing a cool £1,049. Reaching 4kW without any hassle, its burning efficiency is high and its cast iron structure impressive. A rated and just waiting to take your firewood.

19: The Wonderful Westfire Uniq 18 DEFRA-approved Wood Burning Stove.


Charismatic, it’s a 5.3 kW convection stove ready to demonstrate its A plus quality and 80 per cent heating efficiency to the full. Made of steel and with an air wash system at the ready, you’ll need a budget of around £990 to add this beauty to your home surroundings.

20: Bohemia X60 Cube Panorama Multifuel DEFRA Stove.


Get a great view of the fire from any angle as your British logs burn with a heat output between 3 to 9kw, offering a very high burning rating. Constructed from 5mm steel, this stove is robust and heat is retained even when the fire has gone out. For £949, this offers up a brilliant home investment.

21: The All-embracing AGA Lawley Pedestal DEFRA-approved Wood Burning Stove.


A contemporary stove of stunning proportions, £1, 500 will buy you an 80.2 per cent heating efficiency, A plus energy rating, overnight log burning potential, wood grate, steel body and a fantastic design all in one amazing package.

Those important questions and answers:

How much does it cost to install a wood burning stove?

Installing a small wood burning stove will cost around £2,000, with the cost of a twin wall insulated chimney system setting you back at least £3,500.

How long does it take to install a wood burning stove?

It will take at least a day, perhaps a little more, for a couple of fitters to install a wood burning stove.

Is it illegal to install a wood burner?

The answer is a definite no, providing you meet certain criteria – according to the make you may have to adhere to UK building regulations, but check all of these things first.

Are wood burning stoves worth it?

It is often a practical way to prevent rising heating bills – according to a ‘Which?’ survey, carried out in 2017, 43% of the stove owners said they believe getting a stove had saved them money! If that isn’t enough to persuade you then it is also worth considering the environmental benefits of wood burning. It is regarded as a carbon neutral form of energy as during its growth, a tree will absorb the amount of carbon dioxide roughly emitted when it is burned on a wood burning stove or fire – therefore it is a provider of ‘green’ heat. A useful tip…make you always have a supply of kiln dried hardwood logs and firewood by taking advantage of log delivery, available throughout the UK.

Do I need permission to install a wood burner?

Provided the work is undertaken by a HETAS registered technician from the Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme, you will not need permission.

How do I find a certified wood burning stove installer?

Simply look online for HETAS – a government-approved body keeping a register of registered installers. You’ll find one in your local area.

Can a wood burning stove add value to a house?

As a long-term investment, they can help save money going forward and add value to your property without question.

Can you leave a wood burning stove on overnight?

You’ll need to make absolutely sure your stove is safe to leave and doesn’t pose a fire risk – it’s possible, with some models you can leave them happily – but double check first is the advice.

Are wood burning stoves energy efficient?

They certainly are, and what’s more, you can reduce your overall carbon footprint and save money along the way.

How long do wood burning stoves last?

It all depends on the overall quality of the stove you buy – an average time-span for traditional wood burning stoves would be 10-years – the best ones can last anything up to 20.

Is a log burner cheaper than gas?

The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) says that a wood burning stove is 29% cheaper per kilowatt hour (kWh) to run than a gas fire. But of course, traditional wood burning stoves can’t compete with full gas central heating.

How do you start a fire in a wood burning stove?

Placing newspaper on the bottom of the stove will give the fire a great ignition base. Then you must stack your kiln-dried logs as high as possible, before placing good quality kindling on top. You’re ready to set the fire going and then close the door.

Read our full guide here. 

What is an EPA-certified wood burning stove?

Only found on new stoves, it means your wood-burning appliance meets EPA clear air standards.

What is a wood burning stove?

A wood burning stove consists of a metal container with a chimney for the smoke to escape. Also present is a door (it may also have a place on top to cook on) whereby you can burn wood which provides heat. Most wood burning stoves are approx. 40-50% more efficient than open fires and allow the owner to regulate the heat output and the rate of burn. The setting up of a wood burning stove will mean that the room is warmer due to the reduction in air flow and the capability of closing the air controls fitted on the appliance.

What fuel shall I burn in a wood burning stove? 

Kiln dried hardwood is the optimal choice for use in wood burning stoves, with a special recommendation for a mix of species such as ash, oak, and beech. The kiln drying process effectively reduces the moisture content in the wood to 20% or lower, significantly enhancing its burning efficiency. This results in higher heat output and less smoke, which is beneficial for both environmental health and the longevity of your stove. Each hardwood species brings unique qualities to the burn; ash is known for its quick ignition and heat output, oak for its slow and steady burn, and beech for its high calorific value. Combining these woods can create a balanced and superior burning experience, offering a steady, long-lasting fire with robust heat. This method not only maximizes the efficiency of your wood stove but also contributes to a more pleasant and environmentally responsible heating solution.

What are you waiting for?

So there you have it – a comprehensive guide to the best wood burning stoves on the market – but don’t forget your stock of kiln-dried logs and kindling. Modern wood burners are a delight and can really add aesthetic quality to your home. As you can see there are lots to choose from – so why not begin your journey today?

The history of wood burning stoves

It is believed that the word stove comes from the old English word ‘stofa’, meaning any individual and enclosed space such as a small room.
It wasn’t until the 16th Century before many British residents moved their fire to stand against a side wall and using a chimney. In earlier times, all families would have lived and slept around a central fireplace in every type of home from the poorest cottage to the greatest castle.
Towards the end of the 18th century the design of fires was enhanced and stoves began to gain a deserved reputation for heat efficiency. America’s Benjamin Franklin invented his own unique cast iron stoves with much improved efficiency in 1744.
In more recent times, as mankind began to be more aware of deforestation, air pollution and climate change, a new creation of innovative, super-efficient stove designs began to appear, such as the wood burning stoves used today around the world.

Different types of wood burning stoves

There are many kind of wood burring stoves to choose from so below gives you a brief guide to the different types.

Franklin stove (the one invented by Benjamin Franklin) is one of the most resourceful and effectual types of wood-burning fireplace. Many stoves continue to be referred to as “Franklin” stoves.

Carl Johan Cronstedt. It is believed that this design slightly improved productivity of wood-burning stoves in the mid-18th century.

Fireplace insert is available in a variety of sizes, depending on the home. It is a self-contained unit that rests inside the existing fireplace and chimney. They create less smoke and need less wood than a traditional fireplace.

Rocket mass heater has a super-hot chimney above the fire, which draws the flames to the side and up. This design that takes little wood and leaves little deposit.

Top British wood burning stove manufactures/brands:

Below is a complete list of the top British brands that we recommend:

  1. Arada
  2. Yeoman
  3. Broseley
  4. Hunter
  5. Mendip
  6. Stovax
  7. Villager